Living far from home is difficult. As a rule when somebody moves away from home for studies, leasing a level appears like a major task, that is when individuals locate a good safe house as hostels. Hostlers life in India is just alongside Army life, as far as living. Everyone is on their own yet everyone is somehow dependent on each other. If you have seen 3 Idiots movie you must have a fair idea of how hostel life looks like (Yes! *close enough*), if you have lived in hostels then you know exactly what we are talking about. Here are some reasons why hostel life prepares you for the real world and sets you up for this present reality.

1. You don’t need to be in the Cricket/Football Stadium to feel the heat of the match. You know how to create your own stadium.

Celebration in hostel life

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2. You know where to find things. People swear by your management skills.

Hostel Life Jugad

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3. There are empty liquor bottles full of stories, everywhere!

Hostel Life Momemts

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4. Eating in the Hostel mess has made you immune to any kind of food. You learn to digest pretty much everything.

Mess food in hostels be like

5. Any Big celebration is incomplete without GPL.

Hostel Life in Engineering

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6. You know more than one way to save Money.

College Hostelers Life7. You learn to welcome everyone. Every single friend of yours have stayed in your hostel room at least once.

Indian Hostel Life Friends

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8. You know how to save petrol. One bike is an easy ride for three.

3 Idiots Hostels Life9. You know the value of Little-Joys-Of-Life

DU Hostels Life

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10. You don’t need to shop all day to release your stress. Chai-Sutta is the ultimate stress-buster for you.

University Hostlers Life Breakfast

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11. No one understands the value of 3 Am Maggi better than you.

Late night maggie in hostel life

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12. You have nick names for everyone. From Hostel warden to the watchman.

Viru Sahastrbuddhe Virus 3 idiots hostel life in movies13. You know how to make the most of what you’ve got!

Hostel Life Hacks

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14. Team work is never a problem. 1+1 = 11

Hostel life friends jugad

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15. By the time you leave you know you are ready to enter the Big Bad World!

Hostel life farewell nostalgia

Hostel life is not only full of fun, it also teaches you some important lessons of life. 3 Cheers to the Hostel Life!

Anshumaan Vishnu
Inspired By Entrepreneurship.

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