6 Best Holi ads by Big Brands that you must watch
6 Best Holi ads by Big Brands that you must watch

Being Indians, we always get excited in festival season. Whether it is Holi, Diwali or Eid, we always want to celebrate every festival at its fullest. While Holi is around the corner and we are all ready to celebrate it with a band, here are some amazing Holi Ads of all time by Big Brands who are creating awareness in a wholly unique way. Let’s see how these Holi ads are helping these brands to market their product in the right way:

1) Most Controversial Holi Ad of 2019: Surf Excel #RangLaayeSang

A few days ago, Twitteratis was debating about this Holi ad a lot. While people with different opinions were watching this ad with their different perspective, this ad aimed to promote communal harmony on Holi with a slogan #RangLaayeSang. This commercial features children enjoying Holi to the hilt as a girl takes all the balloons to help his friend get to the masjid to offer prayers.

2) Holi Advertisement for 90’s Kids: Alpenliebe | Ye to Holi Manaye, Chuna Lagaye

Holi is incomplete without Kids’ pranks and demands. In this Holi Ad, Alpenliebe sweetly picturized the memory of 90’s kids who loved to make excuses and pranks to eat their favorite candies while playing Holi.

3) Best Example Of Holi Advt To Create Awareness Against Eve Teasing: Ghadi Detergent | IS HOLI SAARE MAEL DHO DAALO

In this Holi Ad, Ghadi Detergent intelligently used the line “Bura Na Maano Holi Hai” to create awareness against those who take this line a bit too seriously and cross the line of decency to eve tease other people on Holi.

4) Another Holi Ad To Show The Right Way To Play Holi:
Parachute Advansed | #KhulKeKheloHoli

Holi is a festival of colors and happiness, and we should play it in that way with our loved ones. This ad will touch your heart with the message “KhulKeKheloHoli.”

5) A Holi Ad That Will Let You Cherish Your Friendship:
Vanish Holi Ad | Bura Naa Mano Vanish Hai

This Holi Ad brilliantly describes the use of Vanish product. The ad manages to bring to screen the fear every person has to doesn’t wish to play on the day and the connivance that his/her friends will undertake to ensure their put colors on his. One of the many ads that manage to make emotional connect with the audience.

6) Last But Not The Least: A Funny Holi Ad By Dr. Fixit | #JustFixIt

A short, funny and cautionary ad by Dr.Fixit that will capture your attention for sure.

An ad is not just a way to market your product but it also helps you to build an emotional connection with your audience if you do it right; just like these brands did. If you are planning to market your products/services on this Holi, you should definitely take reference from above-mentioned ads. Wish you a very happy, safe and colorful Holi.

6 Best Holi ads by Big Brands that you must watch
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