6 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Miss EMANATION'17 of SGND Khalsa College 1 – SGTB Khalsa

Its the festive season for colleges. Every college is arranging their own fest and offering you the eventful days. But like every year it feels the same and routine. But today we bring you a fest that may look routine but offers a experience all different. We did our research and collected some good reasons for you to attend SGND Khalsa Fest:

1. Not just the cash prizes!
We’ll finally have something meaningful for the students aspiring for MBA. Win the events and don’t just get the cash in reward as usual but win scholarships up to 100% in MBA preparation institutes. Easy Future investment!
This talks for the studies, now something fun. Go karting is most preferred activity nowadays. Prizes include Smaash Go Karting coupons too! They take entertainment seriously, I guess.

2. Live your fantasy
All of you once in your life wished to bid in the IPL Auction, or to be a celeb in Koffee with Karan, be a cool stock broker like Hritik Roshan in ZNMD, be a smart corporate personality that tops in Forbes List. Ain’t it? They’ve arranged for it all in their fun and intellectual events like Ad-O-Holic, Corporate Hunt, VakeelGiri, Brain-o-thon, Artha-Shastra, Trading Tussle, Khalsa Business League, Koffee with Khalsa and a lot more! Don’t be jumpy! Registrations are open! (Know more at- www.facebook.com/Vanaj.Khalsa/ )

3. Take a step towards humanity
Every child has a dream. And every child has an artist within. But sometimes fate takes all of the artists’ life, leaving them less fortunate. With this thought Gunjan Foundation will be organizing a display of beautiful art pieces created by lovely kids to be admired and purchased. They are doing their bit, let’s do ours.

4. Food for life
Well obviously food! How can any event be complete without food when we live for food. The mouthwatering menu includes delicious Waffles from Wafflesome, Rolls, Soya Chaap, Indian, Chinese and much more. Not only this, you get to take Dominos coupons home. Diversification huh?

5. Dance and Music
What makes your day after food? Dance and music! But that’s everywhere. So what’s special here? It’s not just a celeb night where a crowd of hundreds is after one! But it’ll offer you the serenity and lightness with Karaoke, DJ session, western dance and energetic Bhangra. Performances of Solo Guitar and Music Band and many more surprises. Take a chance and go for the new!

6. Break from the books
With a start of new semester work and study load is doing all to weigh you down. So take a break and visit the fest with your friends, because friends create all the fun and they’ll add the best elements of madness in your eventful day!

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