What is Dropout Dudes?

Dropout Dudes is a platform for youth, startups and entrepreneurs where we aim to unlock doors for dropouts and talented personalities. We help dropouts, share motivational and skilful stories, startup ideas for students and entrepreneurs to inspire them towards skill-based education system. Mainly, we work towards startup and education ecosystem so that students can understand “why one should not drop out?” and want to decrease the ratio of dropouts in the country.

One biggest misconception the young generation/youth have is “Dropping out is a way towards success,” while this is not true in every case. Those who are inspired by the successful dropouts like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, might not be aware with the fact that they have made it all because they had some skills already developed before they get out to college, on which they could rely. But not every dropout is that lucky or skilled enough. And what happens when such young people without having access to any skill, decide to dropout? For them, dropping college to pursue business is like investing their everything in lottery tickets in the hope that they will get Multi-millionaire one day and that too without having any degree.

Here come Dropout Dudes to aware this Young Generation about these consequences before dropping out.