Neha Chowdhury Actress
Neha Chowdhury

Success is not as easy to achieve as it seems. It takes a lot of hard work, courage, sacrifices and patience. But once you reach at the top, people don’t just care about all the struggles you have faced to reach there. They just saw your success. To give you the brief of those struggles, we had an interaction with Neha Chowdhury- The Rising face of Television Industry. Let’s have a look at her journey:

1. As you’ve mentioned in your Fashion Herald’s interview that inspiration for acting came from your father, so was acting your passion honestly or you just wanted to do it for your father?

First of all its a very intelligent question by the way. Secondly, Acting wasn’t my childhood dream, but after trying many fields, I discovered what I really wanted to do in my life. It has become the only passion of my life over the period.
You can say acting has given me wings to fly. And about my father, He just inspired me to go for it.

Neha Chowdhury Actress

2. What were the initial struggles you have faced in your Acting Career?

When I shifted to Mumbai, I dint even know a single person from the industry. I had to give hundreds of auditions, had to face numerous rejections as I wasn’t that fair initially. People used to ask for compromise in return for work, but I was always sure about not taking the shortcuts and worked super hard to establish myself in the Industry.

3. What is your source of motivation? Anyone from the Hollywood film industry you follow?

My source of motivation has always been Nawazuddin Siddiqui, as he has proved that it’s not necessary to have a good body or looks to be a superstar. He struggled for 11 years and achieved what he wanted. So whenever I feel like giving up, I watch his interviews and get motivated towards my goals.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Neha Chowdhury with her inspiration Nawazuddin Siddiqui

And from Hollywood industry- Am really very fond of Jennifer Aniston.

4. One good and one bad thing you have learned from your acting profession?

Good one is that you get to play different roles throughout your career and I guess no other profession lets you do that. Bad one is definitely the never-ending struggle and hard work actors do to survive in this industry.

5. What was the best experience in your acting career? Best YouTube vines/video experience so far?

I would consider working with CID as my best experience as I got to work with television’s oldest Actors and that too as the main lead.

I have worked in many viral vines, but the best one was the most popular one with Realshit that crossed over 70M views on Facebook (Impressing girl gone wrong).

Neha Chowdhary Youtuber

She also worked with famous youtube channels, vines & TV serials like RealShit, CID etc.

6. Most important factor that every actor/actress should have to be successful?

Obviously Good acting. What keeps you going, in the long run, is definitely your talent, without this an actor might not survive for much longer as there is cut-throat competition in this industry!

7. Being a girl, have you faced any kind of stereotypes in your profession?

Of course yes! People here have asked me for favours no matter how talented or suitable I was for the role. And honestly, I have lost too many opportunities because of this!

8. What are your future goals now?

Bollywood and Hollywood, respectively.

Neha Chowdhury modeling photo shoots

9. If you would not be an actress, then what do you think you would be?

A wedding choreographer (Popular one)

10. Any message for your fans and readers? 

What I have learned from life is-Give your 100% to what you are doing, even 99% won’t do. Because normal people never become legends, you got to be crazy to achieve your goals. And never give up on your dreams, You never know how close you are !!

Neha Chowdhury Actress
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