India\'s Youngest CEO - Ayaan Chawla - Founder & CEO of Asian Fox Developments, Global Web Mount, Mind-In Advertising and Group For Buddies
“Nothing can stop you from chasing your dreams if you are passionate for it. Not even your age” – Ayaan Chawla (CEO & Founder of Asian Fox Development) truly sets an example of it.
At just an age of 13, Ayaan Chawla became an entrepreneur and his journey is totally inspirational for youth.
Born in 1997, he was introduced to the magic of technology i.e His new PC, at the age of 8. He was not like other kids of his same age. When his friends used to play with toys & games, he started exploring his new fascinated machine.
Ayaan Chawla - Founder & CEO of Asian Fox Developments

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And after some years, he used that PC to create movies and videos. But his curiosity grew more deeper with this. And he began to get curious about Programming Languages & Internet. To overcome his curiosity, he decided to learn those languages by himself with the help of books & Internet. His passion for computer & technology was growing deeper with time & it became tough for him to concentrate on his studies.
He always knew the importance of education, but he was not ready to gave up on him dreams at any cost. So he took a hard decision to quit his studies after Standard 9th, left his School DPS, and picked to enroll himself for National Institute Of Open Schooling to cope up with the societal norms.
Ayaan Chawla
After gaining complete knowledge about Programming & coding, he began coding websites, apps & software at the age of 13. That was the era of internet and people was very much crazy to get socially connected. So by keeping this in mind, Ayaan made a social utility for people to connect with each other globally, named “Group For Buddies” on 1st Jan 2011. And on 7th march 2011, he founded his 1st IT company for IT solutions called “Asian Fox Development”.
His mother & idol “Kunjam D Chawla” helped him by investing a sum of Rs.10,000 in his company. Since then he was managing his company without any investor, on his own. 
 Jack Smith India's Youngest CEO - Ayaan Chawla

India’s Youngest CEO – Ayaan Chawla – Founder & CEO of Asian Fox Developments, Global Web Mount, Mind-In Advertising and Group For Buddies

After a year later, on 15th May 2013, he founded another company for web solutions called “Global Web Mount”. And in July 2013, he founded one more company for Media & Marketing Services called ” Mind-In Advertising”.
By the age of 18, his company “Asian Fox Development”, completed 5 years and had more than 1 lakh customers from all over the world. He expands his business from India to US, UK, Hongkong & Turkey. And many of his employees were elder than him, which was surprising for everyone.
“There were several times that my clients used to take my salesmen seriously but not me. For the first year it was very difficult because I was so young but then they started believing in my abilities,” Ayaan says.
His achievements have received appreciation letter from the Prime Minister’s office and he has been twice awarded the Young Entrepreneur of the Year.
The entrepreneurial journey of Ayaan Chawla is a perfect reason of why one should always work towards their passion and become excellent at it. He became an example and showed that one can become the best version of themselves by doing what they love and not by what people expect them to do.

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