How KashBook is Dangerous for Kashmir and Why it should be stopped? 1 – Kashbook

Where there is a will there is a way. But everything has its pros and cons. As inspiring as it sounds, it looks like someone took the wrong path with this. It has been found through various mainstream media sources that a Kashmiri teenager by name Zeyan Shafiq whose real name on official records is Zeyan Jeelani has vowed to defy the government at such a young age. Jammu and Kashmir is a sensitive issue and the Indian Government is doing its best to maintain law and order despite regular attacks on the military and law enforcement agencies. Intelligence agencies are trying hard to keep the situation in Kashmir under control.

“Any message or class of messages to or from any person or class of persons relating to any subject or any pictorial content through the following social networking sites shall not be transmitted in the Kashmir valley, with immediate effect, for a period of one month or till further orders, whichever is earlier,” the government said in the order. Social networking sites that have been suspended include QQ, WeChat, Ozone, Tumblr, Google+, Baidu, Skype, Viber, Line, Snapchat, Pinterest, Telegram, Reddit, Snapfish, YouTube (Upload), Vine, Buzznet, Xanga, and Flickr. The government said the step was being taken because “… it has been felt that continued misuse of social networking sites and instant messaging services is likely to be detrimental to the interest of peace and tranquillity of the state”.

How KashBook is Dangerous for Kashmir and Why it should be stopped? 3 – Kashbook

Admin of Kashbook

“Whereas anti-national and inimical elements largely succeed in transmitting unverified objectionable inflammatory material/content through the medium of these social networking sites and internet messaging services without any accountability, thereby endangering public life and property and causing unrest/disharmony in the state,” it added.

The government has also moved the Jammu and Kashmir high court and filed a caveat against any public interest litigation aiming to stop the ban. “Any message or class of messages aimed at a person or class of people shall not be transmitted through any means in Kashmir for one month,’’ the state government said in the caveat. <Source>

How KashBook is Dangerous for Kashmir and Why it should be stopped? 5 – Kashbook

People have started creating Threatening/dangerous pages like this one.

We understand that these kinds of restrictions are not appreciated when dictated by world’s largest democracy, things take a bitter turn when the ground reality demands otherwise. Zeyan has created a social media site by name Kashbook <link> the website is hosted in France with IP address so that Indian authorities cannot collaborate with the web host. He has also procured an SSL certificate to encrypt the communications so that the Indian authorities cannot intercept the communication.

We somehow managed to create an account on the website and check the contents. The site did not deploy any security mechanisms that will flag offensive or objectionable content. There is a group for stone pelters where they discuss and also claim of getting paid for pelting stones at Indian army. There is another page which appreciates the “martyrdom” of Hizbul Mujahideen’s poster boy and a dreaded terrorist Burhan Wani.

How KashBook is Dangerous for Kashmir and Why it should be stopped? 7 – Kashbook

Sensitive Media

This clearly tells us that although this is just a small website, it has gained too much popularity among the Kashmiri masses, so much that the miscreants have started using the website for antisocial and illegal purposes.

Reportedly, he is also a hacker and has been in trouble previously for his nefarious activities. <source> Zeyan hacked into the Journalist’s Facebook account and started posting offensive content. We tried to locate his profile and saw his support for Pakistan. He is openly seen criticizing Indian authorities and advocates for an independent Kashmir.

How KashBook is Dangerous for Kashmir and Why it should be stopped? 9 – Kashbook

Such activities directly challenge the authorities of the government. Zeyan could be prosecuted under various sections of the IT Act, 2000 and Indian Telegraph Act, 1885.

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In response to social media ban, 16-year youth starts ‘KashBook’ in Kashmir

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