Why people are leaving corporate jobs to follow startup culture? 1 – startup culture

As the world turns out to be more digitized and access to the web is something that we as a whole appreciate, increasingly more of us feel the need to stop our 9-5 conventional occupations to begin our organizations. “Entrepreneur” is tossed around a ton nowadays, with numerous individuals considering it to be a way to appreciate an unparalleled level of money related and individual flexibility. The past few years have seen an unprecedented rise in popularity for startups, and many people are leaving their corporate jobs to follow startup culture. But it is to be taken into consideration that leaving a corporate job for a startup is not always sunshine and rainbows. As with everything, even startups have their own set of pros and cons.

Startup Culture Vs. Corporate Job

Startup Culture Vs. Corporate Job

Things that attract people towards Startup Culture:

Startup Culture is a special encounter: It’s not always about gaming rooms and skateboarding in the foyers, yet new companies realize how to draw off an ideal workplace. Inventiveness and advancement develop the business, so an animating workspace is essential. It is very different from the corporate workspace environment and quite a unique experience.

You become familiar with many areas of work: Startups spot heaps of duty on their representatives. You help with everything at a startup. Startup Culture let you work outside your expected set of responsibilities, so open doors for learning and development proliferate. Founders and employees cooperate; there’s no central administration, so you gain from the best. It is not only limited to people joining startups but to also to the founders. Everyone is expected to work in more than one domain.

Room for Innovation in Startup Culture: Startups need to develop quick. In the event that they can’t keep up in the fast track, they’ll crash out. They convey results with new plans and new ideas that catch buyer’s intrigue. There’s a strain to break new ground, yet unique vitality drives progress at startups. Pride in developing the organization and partaking in its high points and low points makes a tight-weave group.

Usually the above-mentioned factors culminate in giving people a sense of job satisfaction and pride in their work. One of the major reasons as to why people leave their corporate jobs to follow startup culture is in search of job satisfaction.

Job Satisfaction in corporate vs. startup

Data has shown that Job Satisfaction is more in Startup Culture than Corporate Job

Things that you must know about Startup Culture before leaving Corporate Job:

The task at hand is substantial: Expect to work extended periods, with few occasions and get-aways. Startups must exploit trends rapidly, and early development is essential. Everyone involved with the firm must work nonstop to get this going, so stress and burnout are conceivable.

Job security in Startup Culture: You may love and adore your work. However, you may not last long. Research by UC Berkeley and Stanford and different benefactors have stated that over 90% of startups flop inside their initial three years! Tech startups, specifically, face the danger of tech advancements, change in tech trend, and new creations clearing out their business.

Job Security in Corporate Job Vs Startup Culture

However Job Satisfaction is more in Startup Culture, Job Security is always more in Corporate Jobs.

Lack of social life: Startups require an immense amount of work. Though the work environment and work life are enjoyable, the pressure and amount of work are not small. Startups work day and night not to fall off the public eye. Work-life equalization is intense, and thorough hours at the workplace can take a toll on anyone.

Many national governments are encouraging and focusing on startups as a new way to kick start the economy and as a result of all the praise which the media pampers on fruitful entrepreneurs, the new age of business people have turned into the new good examples for many students. The startup culture  is hot and occurring, and everybody wants to turn into a business person. Another major contributing factor towards the rise in the craze for startups is the dwindling jobs in IT and other Software sectors. Many engineers and graduates are hence looking towards startups as a new way of earning money and securing a future.

With the very inexpensive methods to start entrepreneurship, many startups are emerging in the current economy. But due to the unending glamour that is shown on the successful entrepreneurs, many fail to realize the hardships that are involved in a startup. There is a ton of work that needs to be done, and people have to deal with investors demands, unhappy customers, and ever-changing market trends. So, one must be prepared for all these things before leaving their corporate job to enter into the startup world.

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