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While at the Age of 18, people usually focus on their education & secure career options, there is a guy who took the risk of working on his dream, for the betterment of the Society. That 18 year old guy is Vaibhav Jha,  Indian Author, Ethical Hacker, Entrepreneur, Innovator, Trainer as well as an Engineering Student. His love for technology was since from his childhood. He was always passionate about the technology & Innovation, and wanted to innovate something which can help India to be digitally stronger & would help to compete with other developed countries in terms of technology. So keeping all aspect in mind he started working on generating new concept right from when he was in class 9th. But got the major push at the time of Demonitisation.
At the time of Demonitisation, when people were short of cash & were relying majorly on digital payment mode, many cases of cyber crime was increased & reported. At that time, Vaibhav personally felt this thing and was sad to see the condition of a middle class family with no saving and who had transferred all their money to some wallets or bank accounts and that too getting empty because of cyber crime. It all was happening only because of lack of education of digital safety.
DimCats Technology- An innovative Cyber security Venture 3 – cyber security

Vaibhav Jha, Founder & CEO at DimCats

So he decided to help people & thus it gives rise to DimCats Technologies which is incubated out of MRIU is a cyber security and technology innovation venture that safeguard business, institutions, organization from any kind of attack.  He was learning hacking when he was of 14 years. He had also authored a book “Hack The World Before World Hacks You” , a book on ethical hacking, tricks and some cyber awareness modules, the book is available on almost all the platforms.
At DimCats, they provide complete cyber security and IOT solution. Along with this they are clubbing AI with cyber security, which will be decrease the man resource by monitoring each and every attacks. That is how they secure latest technology to innovate. Also they provide corporate and academic workshops & training on cyber security and its awareness.
He had taken a pledge to educate each and every citizen of rural India which includes Govt. Schools & Colleges and every citizen of rural India too. What he want is change in the society, want to develop a secure INDIA. 
And thus Providing free training and conducting awareness campaigns in Rural India as well as in govt schools and colleges.
When asked where he gets his motivation from, he says, ‘When I look back at the faces of those who have completed training, I can feel the happiness and confidence in them when they use the internet for online transactions. They gain an edge by knowing about the cybersecurity domain. In this way my motive of spreading awareness gets complete.’

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