Startup Era End
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This sounds weird and sad, but did you ever gave a thought about this thing? With the growing rate of Startups, every city or country is trying to make a “Startup Hub” or an another “Silicon Valley” but in Valley Itself? Yes, today we are witnessing many startups every day, but how many of them are “Disruptive innovative”?

The answer is “Very Few”. Here it feels like the golden span of Startup is already over or Are we on the verge of extinction of Startup Era?

Many wannabe Entrepreneurs are dreaming of building a business model like FB, Uber, Amazon etc. But do you think they will be able to compete with such giants? No, because these market giants have already owned the next decade and ruling over the small startups and Entrepreneurs by expanding themselves.

Today’s graduates are much more likely to work for Mark Zuckerberg than follow in his footsteps.

So in case if you think you can make a business model like these Market giants & can survive, then you might can do for some time but that will not be for long.

Is it the end of Startup Era? 2 – future technology

Because the era in which these giants have started was a revolutionary era in itself. They had started when the internet was the new thing. The web boom of 1997-2006, brought us FB, Amazon, Google etc., Because the technology was kind of untouched that time.

Very few people could build websites and Online portals at that time, raise money and served the whole world. Similarly during the Smartphone boom of 2007-16, many great Startup giants like Uber, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram etc. Came and changed the phase of Startup Ecosystem.

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And since we’ve witnessed all these Revolutionary Eras’, somewhere we probably mistakenly assumed that another Revolutionary startup era is in the corner and few such giants can be created by building such business models again and again. But the truth is no such revolution is en route.

These big businesses already occupy startup ecosystem & web, and they are dominating the market & app store. As we can see, Today’s technology is kinda complicated and expensive and thus require massive capital for its operations, which these organisations can quickly provide.

It is not a coincidence that seed funding is down this year, i.e. 2017.

It is no coincidence that companies like Alphabet Inc., Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft have grown from “five big tech companies” to “the five most valuable public companies in the world.” The future belongs to them, and, to a minor limitation, their second-tier ilk.

It is widely accepted that the next wave of important technologies consists of AI, drones, AR/VR, cryptocurrencies, self-driving cars, and the “Internet of Things.” These technologies are, collectively, hugely important and consequential — but they are not remotely as accessible to startup disruption as the web and smartphones were.

Is it the end of Startup Era? 4 – future technology

Understand the future technology.

So if we want to bring another Revolutionary Startup Era, then we need to understand the future technology, improvise our techniques accordingly rather than to run behind the already established Well-known startup models and execute in that way only. This is the only way we can survive and can make this startup ecosystem a better place.

Startup Era End
Divya Gupta
Divya is a skilled business developer and the conceptual mind behind bold and bright ideas. She has an eye for the smallest detail which defines her work. She can reflect and analyze work like nobody else and never lets the bigger picture escape from sight. Sometimes she says – Let’s do it all over again!

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