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Trust yourself

Before you begin with anything new in life, you need to believe yourself before anyone else does. Trust is the very important factor to sustain successful startups. There would be the fewest of few who believe in you. Some would not understand, some would be envious of you. But whatever happens, you have to believe yourself because initially when you get hurdles, Its the only thing which will show you your way.

Organizing and Systemizing

I’ve found that the organization and systemization skills I learned in the corporate world directly translate to the startup world. Knowing how to build a system that will run itself (or at least organize itself) is to key to building an agile and responsive business.

—Nick Reese, Microbrand Media

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Organising and systemizing helps you to be positive too. Therefore, decluttering now and then is also very important.

Power of Positivity

Its the aura you create in your mind, its the people around you who believe in you, in short, the atmosphere you are in, The aura, the vibes surrounding you which help you and don’t discourage and demoralise are very essential for anyone to grow. This makes you happy which always gives a positive result. It helps you to get solutions faster as you don’t face much pressure. That is why positive people are having successful startups

Organizing Thoughts

It sounds so basic, but structured, organized thoughts that lead your audience through an argument have been instrumental in helping me communicate effectively. I learned with PowerPoint, but there are many different ways to do it. Another is the Minto Pyramid Principle. No matter the method, seek out this capability. It will make life a lot easier.

—JT Allen, myFootpath LLC

Startup Ideas for Successful Startups

Think out of the box or a Startup Ideas for Successful Startups.

Thinking out of the box

In a startup, you would never be able to predict the next hurdle to the way to your castle. Hence, it’s important to be on your toes 24*7. You must also be ready to take help whenever needed, this attitude of giving and take also helps a lot for a startup.

Structured Writing

My first job was under a lawyer who was quite strict about email etiquette. It wasn’t just about using bullet points for the key, salient details beyond a proper introduction and sign off, but he also focused heavily on only writing that which was necessary. In other words, he knew how to get to the point, and accordingly, made all those who worked under him get to the point.

—Adam Cunningham, 87AM.

Selling Yourself

As anyone in a startup would certainly attest, you often spend more time selling yourself than you do your product or service. Being experienced in sales has been hugely beneficial as an entrepreneur and has endless necessary applications. Whether you’re networking at an event or pitching investors, your ability to sell yourself is a must.

—Adam Callinan, BottleKeeper

Growing a Thick Skin

Between the finger pointing, exchanging big bucks, and being thrown under the proverbial bus, learning how to deal with personality challenges and unfair criticism was a skill I developed. To lead the orchestra, you have to turn your back to the crowd, and my ability to do that has led to the development of several great companies.

—Grant Gordon, Solomon Consulting Group

Microsoft office

Using Microsoft

Microsoft is the foremost requirement for any startup or any job. You would need excel for calculations, to know your sales and the list of requirements, Ms word for typing basic documents and powerpoint for a presentation that would help your financial helps, your clients and even you.

Being Patient

Progress moves slowly at most corporations. At startups, it moves at breakneck speed. Working at PricewaterhouseCoopers taught me patience. It taught me that sometimes it’s worth checking something once, twice, and three times. Not everything needs to move at 100 miles per hour. Sometimes this can be counterproductive. This is a reminder I often need at a startup because everything is a balance.

—Mitch Gordon, Go Overseas

*All the testimonials taken are from the people listed by Forbes.

Successful Startups

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