Facebook Might Soon Test ‘Red Envelope’ Payments Feature and a New ‘Breaking News’ Tag 1 – Facebook Red Envelope

According to a recent report from Recode, Facebook is gearing up to test two new features on the platform. The new features include a new ‘Red Envelope’ payments feature which will let users send money to others on the social media platform and a new ‘Breaking News’ tag which will let publishers highlight significant news stories in the feed.

Facebook Red Envelopment Payments

Facebook confirmed to Recode that the breaking news tag is for a “future test,” but declined to share more details.

The two new features were first spotted by Matt Navarra, director of social media at The Next Web, who posted a tweet along with images regarding the upcoming features. While Facebook confirmed that the ‘Breaking News’ tag is scheduled for future tests, the company refrained from commenting on the ‘Red Envelope’ feature. A company representative said that Facebook is “always testing new product experiences but there’s nothing specific to talk about at this time.”

It’s also possible that these features will never be rolled out.

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