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Everyone would have known the popular saying “Failures are the stepping stone to success” but anyone remembers this proverb during failures. To my knowledge, everyone needs success by taking a leap against these stepping stones of failures. Many people consider failures as inability and their bad luck. What exactly is the failure being? Why may successful people have failed in their life before becoming successful?

Everyone speaks about your success but believe me no one cares about your failures how big it is. The days of failures are the one that teaches us our flaws, mistakes, real friends etc. Many describe failures are the ones that happen in every day to day situation if you think your small inability and laziness as failures you are dealing with your excuses, not your failures. The real meaning of failure is a lack of success. The day you walk losing your last hope of success with tears in eyes irrespective of the surroundings being a prey to failure, is the day you realize you lived a long life enough to see your dreams falling in pieces apart in one day.

The life is not often judged by one failure or the other but it is judged by your ability to reconstruct your lost hope for which you failed. Failures are not exactly opposite of success it is the part of the success. If your efforts are good enough and failures are the pathway, believe me, my friend, you haven’t lost your way. Failures are not the end of the path; it is the turning point in your life.

Handling the failures is the tough job that you have to learn because it is the condition where your hope doesn’t exist. The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failures. Don’t make your aim for success, work for success accept failures keep moving for a day that your failures doesn’t stand against you. We are tested to our limit to show our strength rather than our weakness. If you learn to realize that the minutes of success is obtained by years of failures, you don’t have to worry about the failures. The times of failures are often associated with depression and losing self-respect. As long as you have the will to accept the success and failures as the same, your failures will lead your way.

There are two options to proceed your way either to accept the failures and never let anyone or anything stand in your way for your dreams or you throw away your efforts. Failure is not the end it is the starting point.

Everyone would praise the famous invention of the bulb, but no one considered his failures. But the handling of failure in making bulb is often known as a quote of Thomas Edison “I haven’t failed. I just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”.

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