Fogg Deodorant Body Spray Black

One of the most iconic advertisements on the Indian television that clearly signifies the new marketing era and the re-born of very famous Vini Cosmetics. Everyone has used the Fogg deodorant at some point of time because you know why it was marketed for its lesser usage every day and longitivity of smell and not on the cliché styling of fragrance and attracting the opposite gender.

Do you know what Fogg stands for?

Darshan Patel, founder and CEO of Vini Cosmetics, India

Darshan Patel, founder and CEO of Vini Cosmetics, studies the pulse of the customers before marketing his products. | via

I bet, you never thought of this, but it has an extraordinary twist to it! A friend of Good Guy/Girl clearly shows the whole character of the product as well as the person who is going to use it. Doesn’t it? But there went in a lot more to it, than just sitting in an air-conditioned office and thinking of a marketing strategy. The man behind the great success of Vini Cosmetics, Mr. Drashan Patel, more of an observer and practical thinker! Would you believe that for a person with no marketing background to pull off such a great idea, of course not!

This is where observation and practical thinking and imagination will take you to a different world. Let’s take a ride in this world now!

Fogg Deodorant Spary Female Ads

Fogg – Chal Raha Hai | Snap from Fogg Deodorant and Body Spray Advertisement.

Mr. Darshan Patel, Founder and CEO of Vini Cosmetics marketed the Fogg deodorant, not by studying the market but by analyzing the customers. That is when the Fogg came to the picture and later on in everyone’s closet. In March 2016, the product alone made an enormous amount of revenue, counting to 610 cr. In mere two years of time span attracting many investors and they have two major investors, out of which one is Sequoia Investors and owns 12% equity in Vini Cosmetics.

Fogg movement has also been carried to the international platform now.

Mr. Darshan Patel also has a great past with Paras Industries where he increased the sales of the company exponentially. There was a very famous product marketed by him for Paras Industries called as the Krack, where he got the idea while standing at a station in Mumbai and observing people, he saw a lot of women with cracked heels and thought of building a product and marketing it on the same strategy.

Fogg Scent ad clip

Fogg also introduced scents and more fragrances.

This was before the establishment of Vini Cosmetics in 2009. Mr.Darshan is a clear example of what is it to learn from a failure and come back so strong that you even disrupt the market for the most prominent brand in India.

Do you remember the “Aha” movement started to market the deodorant and that failed really badly, but after then, consumers got their new swag to their closet with Fogg?

As a result of Fogg’s success, Vini has managed to build a national distribution network with 200 employees of its own and stockiest the example is right in from you. You just have to look for it, find the inspiration, and build the product on the same motivation. But the main problem is Observation for us! Start observing to start building that is the unrevealed truth.

Fogg Deodorant Body Spray Black

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