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George Bernard Shaw have said that, “There is no sincerer love than the love of street food”. For food lovers, a sweet smile comes to their face when they get across the local food. Indian streets are famous for tasty and budget worthy food. The various cuisines from the different parts of the world have uniqueness in their taste. The local foods are cheap and delightful. Each city has its speciality of local food that will give you the indication that is followed in that particular city.#FoodLovers - How to Solve the Biggest Problems With Food?  3 – paranthe vali gali chandni chowk


If you wish to torment your taste buds and want to taste something different from your daily routine diet, then you should definitely try they local food of Aamchi Mumbai. The eccentric street food makes Mumbai a bubbly city. Kheema Pav at Gulshan-e-Iran is a famous Mughlai specality and adding to this Rabdi Kulfi and Firni for dessert adds taste to your stomach. White Biryani at Noor Mohmaddi during Ramadan is the best place to have street food. Samosa with Chola at Guru Kripa is a must to be experimented who love to explore the street foods at Mumbai. The Ultimate Chinese Thali at Sahiban at Worli will surprise you with its soup, fried rice, Manchurian and Ice Tea.
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The opulent kinds of chaat, the ghee-dripping baati and the creamy goodness of the malaiyo which is winter speciality of Banaras prepared by flavouring milk, Banaras is a paradise for food lovers. In the breakfast adventure you will have crispy and hot jalebis and the other way to have breakfast is to have a kulhhad of cardamom flavoured lassi that has a few drops of rose-water dropped into it. To have a mixture of sweet and spicy,you can try the chaat like aloo tikki, pani poori and papdi chaat and the Tamatar Chaat. The safed makhan toast is unique to Banaras. For non-veg lovers, they should not miss the chickem tikka and Achari Murgi at Hotel Lallan.
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Each Delhiite and the outsiders who visit Delhi melts by seeing the street food of Delhi. It is a melting point for food lovers. The paranthas of Delhi is a perfect start for morning breakfast. Paranthe Vali Gali in Chandni Chowk is famous for its variety full paranthas. Superstar SRK loved to have paranthas at Mool chand Paranthe vala. The talk about local food will remain incomplete without the description of chaat. The Bittu Tikki Vala in Rajouri garden main market is a hub of best chaats. Tandoori Chiken topped with such at Moti Mahal Restaurant, Daryaganj and HaveMore at Pandara Road is a must to be tried. The punjabi style chole bhature accompanied with lassi at Sitaram Diwan Chand in Pahar ganj and Chache Di Hatti at Kamla Nagar. The Paranthe Vali Gali in Chandni Chowk is famous for parantha that is fried Indian bread.#FoodLovers - How to Solve the Biggest Problems With Food?  9 – paranthe vali gali chandni chowk


The Bamboo Shoot is a chief component of Arunachal Pradesh. Bamboo shoot is the main ingredient of every Arunachal Pradeshi cuisine without which it is incomplete. Pika Pila is a pickle that is famous in Arunachal Pradesh and is eaten with every kind of food. Lukter is a street food thai is a combination of cooked dry meat and chilly flakes. Pehak is a spicy chutney and its combo with flavoured rice makes it an awesome dish. Marua is a home-made alcohol and a very famous cuisine of Arunachal Pradesh. Chura Sabji is a kind of curry made of fermented cheese. MoMo is very famous in Arunachal Pradesh due to its different taste.
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The food lovers must head towards the local foods of Hyderabad that is incomparable. Hyderabadi Biryani is the first thing that comes to our mind when the word Hyderabad comes. Various flavours of Biryani is available like Mutton Biryani, Chicken Biryani, Biryani Khaam, Biryani Zard. Paradise Restaurant and Alpha Café are the popular places where you can head for having Biryani. Hyderabadi Haleem is a porridge made from wheat and meat and served during Ramzan Pista House is the best place to try Hyderabadi Haleem. Chakna at Chaknawadi is a speciality among Hyderabadi Muslims. Hyderabadi Nihari is popular Hyderabadi breakfast made of goat’s feet. Point Pleasant Restaurant is a place to have Hyderabadi Nihari. Hyderabadi Salan is a curry served with Hyderabadi Biryani and it is best available at Mounika Curry Point. The Hyderabadi Mutton Korma is the most popular dish that is always included in special meal menu.
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Rajasthan is not only famous for its monuments and tradition, but the cuisines of Rajasthan is a very important part that is to be loved. Dal Bati Churma is a classic dish of Rajasthan and provides a sufficient amount of energy. The Gatte ki Sabzi retains the Rajasthani essence and is very tasty and easy to digest. Goonda or wild green berry curry is best as a side-dish with Dal and Chawal. Rajasthani Curry is a must to have whenever you get a chance to visit Rajasthan. It is unlike the national type of curry and its taste will make you fall in love with it. Atte ka Malpua is a sweet dish and is light and crispy. It adds something extra to your dinner table.
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Sikkim is a heaven for Momo lovers and the taste that you will find in the momos here is totally unique from rest of the places. Thukpa is noodle soup with meat, egg or vegetables. The Tama Curry will tease your taste buds. Phagshapa is Pork fat braised with vegetables is a must to be stuffed when you are in Sikkim. The Melting Point Restaurant is a multi-cuisine restaurant that offers the best local food in Sikkim. Although variety and tasty food can be found in every part of the country, still North-East India holds the honour of serving the blustering food.
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Amritsar holds the honour of craming the delectable dishes that makes the city shine up. Starting from the tea, the Giani Tea Stall is being runned by Gurmit Singh from the last 58 years. The taste of the hot bubbling tea can’t be found anywhere else. Makhan the Dhaba is famous for serving fresh pieces of boneless sole fish will water your mouth if you are a lover of fish made items. The owner of the Sunder Meat Shop has an experience of about 70 years of dishing out the best kebabs.

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