Lately, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai found an unusual notification lying on his table which he hadn’t expected. The Google big employer found himself reading a handwritten letter from a seven-year-old girl named Chloe Bridgewater from Hereford in UK. It wasn’t a fan mail but a clear expression of her intentions.

Chloe with her father

Chloe with her father

The seven-year-old desires a job at Google when she is bigger. We think an image of robots serving coffee and the idea of working from a bean handbag excited little Chloe and made her write to Pichai himself.

This is what she wrote:

Has not been that super cute? Your woman was very happy to post her hand-written notification but her joys recognized no bounds when your woman received an answer from the Google Boss.

Sundar Pichai gave a thumb up for her plans and told her to work hard and apply for a job after she actually is done with the school. “I look ahead to obtaining your job application if you are finished with school! :)”

google Sundar pichai chloe letter

Now who wouldn’t be cheered up after reading this? Well, Pichai just proved he is obviously the coolest boss to do business with. Desire Chloe’s name appears in Google’s payroll soon!

Anshumaan Vishnu
Inspired By Entrepreneurship.

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