IIDAIRA'17 - Annual Management Fest of Rajguru College 1 – Rajguru College

GESTIRE, the Management Department of Shaheed Rajguru College Of Applied Sciences For Women is elated to present IIDAIRA’17, their Annual Management Fest.

The exuberance cannot be contained as they plan to take you on a break from the monotony that is college life!

Because this is what they do, they manage, and they know things.

They have a great show lined up for you, with  The Punjabi Chandler Bing, JASPREET SINGH, whose gigs are hilarious enough to make even a cat laugh! 

But the show doesn’t end there, they’ve got games and fun activities for all you nerds!

Portray your potential and win exciting cash prizes, goodies and certificates! 

Wait, what are we missing here?

Ahh. Yes. FOOD!

Because what kind of an event is complete without food?

So join them in the celebration of their first Annual Fest, because there’s room for everyone!

P.S. Register For The Comedy Show at:



🔺 INR 100 to be paid to the Student Society for Registeration.

🔺 Send a payment Screenshot (only after which the registerations will be complete) to the following contacts-

Priyal (9971250329)



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