Vivek and Shubhra Chadda Chumbak Founder
Founder of Indian Gifting Brand : Chumbak | Vivek and Shubhra Chadda /DNA India

“To gain something, Sometimes we have to lose something”. We all have heard this sentence in our life, but very few of us implemented it. But here is a story of a brand which showed everyone, that if your dreams are big, then you have to pay a big cost for them. It is the story of one of the most creative gifting brand in India: Chumbak. Founded by Vivek Prabhakar and Shubhra Chadda, journey of Chumbak brand started with an idea to create a creative, affordable and well-designed gifting brand for an Indian market.

Chumbak cofounder Shubhra Chaddha

Shubhra Chadda, cofounder of Chumbak | Via

Bangalore based company Chumbak was a brainchild of Shubhra Chadda, who with her husband Vivek Prabhakar was living a luxurious life. One day while staring at the beautifully crafted fridge magnets the couple brought from their foreign trips, she realized that nothing of this kind of things are available in India. When coming to gift something, we Indians left with many few options like some showpiece, shawls or handicrafts. There was nothing which can truly represent India.

Shubhra understood this gap and discussed this idea to create something colourful, magnetic and attractive gifts, with his husband. Vivek Prabhakar fell in love with this idea and readily accept to start working on it. The idea seems so good to them that without giving it a second thought,

They sold their house worth Rs. 45 Lakhs to seed fund their BUSINESS & named it Chumbak in 2009.

As the name suggests, Chumbak brand is attracting Indian market by it’s amazingly colourful, creative and wide variety gifts options. Started with attractive fridge magnets, now the brand is offering a large range of lifestyle products- Keys, wallets, Chains, Phone covers, bags, jewellery and many more. USP of Chumbak is its funky theme based designs with economic prices, appreciating by its customers. After starting with the colourful fridge magnets, they soon realised the need to broaden their gifting variety and now offering more than 400 products in different categories.

Chumbak Founder Success Story Interview by Asian Paints

Chumbak featured by Asian Paints | Via

From 2010-2013, Chumbak brand sold its products mainly through its distributor network and online presence. In 2013, they set up their first office in Bangalore and started expanding their business in other areas. Currently this Indian gifting Chumbak Brand has become the popular gifting brand having more than 150 stores in worldwide, with a strong E-commerce presence. Started with selling a house of worth Rs. 45 lakh, Chumbak brand has raised total $28,868,814 amount of funding from Narayan Ramachandran, Blacksoil and Gaja Capitals along with their seed amount of funding, as per Crunchbase.

Just like many others, Shubhra Chadda and Vivek Prabharkar had faced many struggles initially, whether it was about finding the right vendor or creating the perfect design for its customers. But they always handled the situation very calmly, continuously worked on their designs and never saw a pause which made their dream came true.

Vivek and Shubhra Chadda Chumbak Founder
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