As the official tech fest of the Delhi Technological University, Innova has done an exceptional job.
The fest had a great line up for the guest lectures.Former Chairman of Press Council of India Mr. Markandey Katju, Cyber Security expert of India Mr. Rakshit Tandon, Actor Varun Pruthi and Internshala founder and CEO Mr. Sarvesh Agrawal were invited to motivate and increase the knowledge and awareness amongst youngsters. Innova has lived up to its expectations of organising the most informing and insightful guest lectures in Delhi. Mr. Katju answered several questions of the ever-questioning ambitious youngsters related to politics, Indian Government, culture, etc.

He was as frank as one could be with the students. The students, fully satisfied with his answers acknowledged his laurels. Mr. Tandon brought the most cringy and the shadiest part of the internet in front of the students- Cyber Crime. He informed and alerted them about Facebook account hacks and even bank account hacks through easy- to- get information like phone number, mother’s name and date of birth. Students listened to him with admiration.
Actor Varun bamboozled and at the same time impressed them with his motivational talk. He inspired several hundred students to follow their passion and help the society. Mr. Sarvesh talked about the requirements needed by one to crack internships at famous companies like Facebook, Amazon, etc.

Innova was successful in getting an audience of around 600 students to these lectures. This insightful approach is hardly seen in engineering college fests.
Hats off to the diligent and meticulous organisers!

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