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Sanjana Sanehi, pursuing B.A. (Hons) English from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, Delhi University, shared her journey from being an intern to a core team member of a fashion company, in just TWO months. How she discovered her inner capabilities through Internship Opportunities.

Does, enrolling in a prestigious college, guarantees success?

A question that every student has in mind. Right from the beginning of a student’s life, the phase that begins with school, all that he/she gets to hear is to get good marks, so that one can get admission in a good college. But, is it all what is needed to succeed?

Success, in itself, is a word that has different meanings for all. To me, it means being satisfied with what I do. Getting up in the morning & looking forward to build something every day, working on something that creates value for someone & most importantly building respect out of what I do.

But, what, when, how, were some questions, that I never had an answer to.

My urge to start with something & to ultimately discover something that I can call as “Passion” made me start work early in life. And so, just as I started my college, my hunt for some work/internship began. Sometime around this, I saw about an internship opportunity at I N B O D E.

I N B O D E, a unique personalised experience that lets one discover and shop for clothes through an advanced virtual assistant that helps in finding one’s perfect body-shape and guide you with the best colours, styles and customisation tailored for you. A brand that stands for & with each and every woman. I N B O D E, aims to focus on the uniqueness of each woman out there, empowering them & believing in the brand “YOU”.How Sanjana Sanehi Discovered Her Inner Capabilities During Her Internship Opportunity at Inbode  3 – Inbode

With hardly any specific skills, I applied for the internship. I started with marketing and content writing, but just after a month of doing it, I realized that wasn’t something of my interest. When you hear this from a literature student, yes, it’s little hard to believe, but in my case it’s true.  Everybody gets to discover his/her calling via exploring different opportunities. So did I, it began by designing a few posters for social media to reading analytics, maintaining databases, marketing, customer- relationship management, to graphic design and now even a bit of coding!

I realized my deep interest is in conceptualizing & detailing. So soon, I started being part of the product team, learning, management, planning, designing & much more.

From being just an intern, I started playing a bigger role in the organization.

Today, I’m a core part of the team, working with web developers. Every day I learn something, something that I could never learn in college. Getting a degree from some big, reputed college will not always bring success or I would say satisfaction to one. Go, and start working anywhere which interests you, get your hands dirty, try everything. At the end of the day you will learn something new and who knows it might be your calling.

Suyash is a 19 year old student and a budding Entrepreneur, with a focus on startup and innovation to bring change in the society through his innovative ideas. He is a social media marketer and loves to write about marketing, startups, trending things & technology. He believes that everyone has a story to tell, all you have to do is listen. He had a good working experience in field of marketing, he had worked with various startups. You can reach him at

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