Deepti Awasthi, Co-founder of Gohoardings. Outdoor advertising portal
Deepti Awasthi, Co-founder of Gohoardings

“Whatever happens, happens for a good reason”. We all have heard this saying. But today we are sharing the journey of an online portal for booking of OOH advertising campaigns, which was started accidently when things were not going good for the founders. That is how they have started:

1.How the journey of Gohoardings began? An online portal for OOH advertising, was formed & started accidentally by luck. I (Deepti Sharma) was working with EY and pursuing my CA, and after two years I quit my job to start something my own. My first online startup failed miserly (formed and shut down in 3 months). I got married in 2015 mid to Vikas Sharma and after few months of marriage Vikas also quit his job with the vision to start something on his own. We have formed in April 2016.

Deepti Awasthi

Deepti Awasthi, cofounder of Gohoardings | Via

2. How that idea came to your mind?

We were always fascinated to see big OOH media at Highways, Tolls, Airports, Malls, Metro’s, etc. all over the world. We have decided to do something unique and big in this Industry. After doing the research and practically seeing the execution of OOH advertising & media work, we have discovered the various loopholes and we got to know that the OOH advertising industry is big and a billion dollar industry. The advertising sector was unstructured just like 20 years back real estate industry was. But then the arrival of 99acres and magicbricks gave relief to the customers as the price manipulations were managed.
The OOH industry also needed this type of proper segmentation and structure & so we started with

Vikas Sharma, Co-founder of Gohoardings

Vikas Sharma, Co-founder of Gohoardings

3. Struggles & Achievements so far?

Initially we have faced struggles due to multiple brokers claiming the ownership of the OOH advertising sites and there was huge speculation in the prices. Due to this reason, the customer usually faces problems. We did a deep study of OOH segment in metropolitan cities of India and registered approx 500 plus media owners media on our portal. We have ensured the best prices to be offered to the clients (without any speculations). Clients can book, buy & plan an OOH advertising campaign online via efficiently and effectively.
We are also in the process of integrating AR and VR segment on our website to enhance the user experience.
We have achieved the turnover of Rs 11 crores within 15 months from the formation and operations of the company.

4. Which problem your startup is solving & how it is different from others?

As the OOH industry is unstructured, we have solved the problem of media buying, planning, campaign execution and reporting. Every branding is incomplete without OOH advertising campaigns.

Outdoor advertising agency gohoardings

Outdoor advertising campaigns to grow your business| Via

5. Your future aspects?

We are also in the process of integrating AR and VR segment on our website to enhance the user experience  and we aim to provide our services We are extremely positive about it. Cheers!!.

Deepti Awasthi, Co-founder of Gohoardings. Outdoor advertising portal
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