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The beverage industry has unleashed one of its startup talent by the name JUX PUX. JUX PUX- a latest and brightest star in the night sky of beverage industry of india. This futuristic startup was conceptualised and started by an innovative entrepreneur, PulkitArora. He, along with his team of three people, have shown a massive creativity to create drinks which just provide a wonderful treat to our taste buds. The other two co-founders of JUX PUX are Mr. Simran Singh and Nipun Bharadwaj. I had a chance to interview Mr.Simran Jeet Singh one of the co-founders of JUX PUX. I was looking forward to an interesting conversation and that, I had.

JUX-PUX: Unfolding Beverage Industry In India 3 – Beverage

What is JUX PUX?

Jux Pux is basically a food and beverage brand, so operate through physical outlets/cafe in retail and corporate segment having PAN India presence.

Some of the main features of your startup?

A brand which is liked by every age group, Customer satisfaction is utmost priority so we always try to keep up with the expectations. Jux Pux never compromises with the quality. Customers are trusting the brand for the taste, at the same time investors are trusting Jux Pux for investment.

How you differ from existing players in the market?

As far as the present market is concerned, we don’t find any brand serving such extensive domains, like Jux Pux is specialized in serving Cold Beverages (Juices, Shakes, Smoothies, Lemonade, Mocktails, Lassi), Hot Beverages (Flavored Hot Milk, Flavored Coffee, Tea), Ice Cream Sundaes, sandwiches, maggi, pasta, burgers, various quick bites and heavy bites.

Being a startup, have you raised any funds till date? 

No, Jux Pux is a self-funded company, now people are taking franchise of Jux Pux, so they are trusting that we can give them good business as well.

 What is the challenging part at the time of starting this startup?

Keeping the trust of the people and everytime living upto their expectations, understanding their nerve is the most challenging part. We don’t want to earn from their single visit, we want them to be regular.

What is the market size and market opportunity?

As per the latest reports by Indian Food Industry, the Food and beverage market was $ 300 billion till 2015 and is expected to touch 500 mark till 2020.

What footfalls are you having presently?

In totality we are getting a footfall of around 1000 people daily, very soon we are launching our mobile app. Presently, we are operating with outlets in Delhi, Agra and Hyderabad and plan to expand our presence more into these cities at the same time collaborating with MNCs, corporate parks, colleges, hospitals, airports, etc PAN India for outlets inside their spaces.

How people appreciated your idea?

It feels overwhelmed when appreciate your product/your idea, and we have been covered in different print media, digital media portals. Also, people are appreciating the quality, taste, enthusiasm for customer satisfaction, giving an opportunity to earn, etc.

Any quote about your venture?

“Taste that keeps you coming back”

About Team Jux Pux

Pulkit Arora : Founder (MCA, GLA University, Mathura)

Simran Jeet Singh : Co founder (Civil Engineer, GLA University, Mathura)

Nipun Bhardwaj : Co founder (Software Engineer, Sharda University, Noida)

Looking at the taste with health that JUX PUX offers, even the most trusted IT company has shown interest in working with it. Infact, they have gone a step ahead and offered space for a café lounge inside their company campuses. This support from big names has boosted the confidence of the team and has motivated them to work twice as harder to provide the top class service to their customers. JUX PUX aims to be one of the most liked brands of the youth, of this country. Working on the same lines, they are very soon introducing their mobile app and website for online food ordering. This app would provide a holistic eco system, right from ordering the food to giving suggestion for your favourite items. Team JUX PUX is leaving no stone unturned to make it a huge success.

JUX-PUX: Unfolding Beverage Industry In India 5 – Beverage

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