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Hangout with the torchbearers, the idea mongers, the creative enthusiasts, you are the average of the five people you hangout with, improve your crowd. This opportunity comes your way at the second edition of One Coffee, One Startup held on the 12th of August, 2017 at Digimyx Infotech Private Limited located in the Ecospace Business Park in Kolkata where you and others of your pack running startups in and around Kolkata come around to understand and appreciate the operational problems faced by us in running these startups and finding substantial and feasible solutions for the same.

Legal Salah Kolkata Ventures

This generation does not depend on you, they, them, we to solve their problems and realise their dreams; instead the belief is me and me alone can make the change. We acknowledge the hard work all of you are putting into your startups and the burning desire you have to make it a success, but we also acknowledge that Kolkata as well as the rest of Bengal lacks the necessary incubatory ecosystems for these startups which is easily available and accessible in Startup hubs like Delhi and Bengaluru and in spite of various initiatives and schemes formulated in this regard due to the exigencies in the system we are unable to benefit from the same. Here at this event we address these issues and a lot more in front of the brightest of minds- Mentors, Incubators, as well as fellow startups, from different fields with different pursuits, which will provide not only direction and guidance on your individual startup product but also serve as a valuable motivational and networking session all the same.
However, the biggest and the most remarkable feature of it all is the “Next Unicorn Startup” Initiative. All the startups participating in the event will get to share their own startup, highlight the features and innovation behind the same and communicate how they have an edge over the other startups in the room and the best 5 startups as selected by our panel get Mentorship, Tech Support and Legal Support by our sponsors.

Let’s change the face of the Kolkata Startup Ecosystem!

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