Microsoft Azure Tool Cloud Computing

Well cloud computing is a part of the internet since 1960s knowingly or unknowingly. But it was actually named so to the modern context with its first use on August 9, 2006.Then exclusively cloud computing platforms came in existence. Microsoft’s Azure, IBM Computing on Demand and Amazon’s EC2 are the top demanded platforms. Cloud computing is a boon allowing computer processed resource and data to be shared according to the demands and authorization. Cloud can be further elaborated as taking our applications off our desktop and hosting them online.

Cloud Computing

Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s implementation to cloud. It’s a developer friendly technology. Microsoft azure is all about commodity resources. It allows deploying and managing applications on cloud and even testing them on the network of Microsoft’s data centres.

Microsoft Azure Tool

Step 1

Microsoft Azure is an open platform that allows you to choose from a variety of tools and development languages in building your next grade application in the cloud.

Microsoft Azure Tool Cloud Computing

Step 2

Showering some light on the various tools, Azure SDK includes the development fabric i.e. it is a version of azure which runs on our local machine & allows the developers to test and debug their applications easily in a suitable environment. Azure tools for Microsoft Visual Studio provides development templates that make it easy to design the application on cloud. Technology behind Azure is based on Virtualized servers. Developers will able to use managed APIs to communicate with the Azure platform. For example an API can provide a built in mechanism for the user to write in a cloud based logging system which automatically sends emails or phone calls when certain log entries are made.

Microsoft Azure Tool Cloud Computing

Step 3

If you haven’t designed the application in Azure, you don’t need to worry, even migration of an existing application to Azure is possible and it isn’t difficult; you just need to plan tasks correctly. Microsoft Azure is designed to be flexible so that it can host

  • Web sites
  • Services
  • Background processing applications with little or even no user interface.

Even if you are not a .NET developer, you can even host PHP or JAVA applications in Azure easily.

Microsoft Azure provides these benefits at the potential cost savings in compare to traditional on-premises computing.

Microsoft Azure Tool Cloud Computing

In Microsoft Azure you get the flexibility and control of the server sitting under your desk but along with also the reliability and scalability of the cloud.

Microsoft Azure Tool Cloud Computing

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