Anuradha Tiwari Digital Media Marketer

Anuradha Tiwari is an author, TEDx speaker, Social entrepreneur and is currently heading JustBurstOut, a digital branding and marketing boutique. She is among India Today’s Eight Unique Entrepreneurs of India and one of the ten most-talked TEDx speakers of 2015. She has worked with more than 40 companies in India and globally. OK, enough gushing, here are Anuradha’s Questions…

How did you become an expert in digital marketing?

tedx speaker anuradha tiwariI got an opportunity to be a part of one campaign where this guy from the digital team fell ill just few days before the launch of the campaign. I had to manage social media and web traffic in his absence, and I just loved working on it. Voila, that was my call. I am self-taught myself most of it and have completed more than 20 online courses.

What excites you about digital marketing?

It is fascinating to be a part of digital marketing- you get to experiment a lot. Plus, you get paid even if your experiment fails <kidding though>. On a serious note, you are always learning about clients and industries. It’s very very competitive and outranking your competitors is an awesome feeling. Last but not least, you can make a difference to brands.

What area of digital marketing are you passionate about?

I would say content marketing because the whole process is exciting, and it requires a fair share of creativity. We study reviews, compare prices and features, before buying anything- everything is in the form of content. We want good quality decision-making content, but hate being sold, which takes content marketing to a whole new level.

How do you see the future of SEO and content developing?

SEO and content are a growing industry and today, they have become an important part of digital marketing. When we talk about its future, it will continue to change. See, everyone is online today. Mobile is helping us get nearly half of all the web traffic. Thanks to social platforms, you can connect different types of audiences across the world.

Anuradha tiwari digital marketing

Anuradha Tiwari — Digital Marketer

Any advice for newbies moving into digital?

Don’t just jump into selling. The primary goal is to understand your audience, and ultimately to be helpful and useful to them. So use SEO to understand your audience and then optimise what works and what doesn’t, depending on your business’s goals, budget, audience, and area of expertise. Also, always use reliable tools and data to monitor the success of the campaign.

Any struggles you are facing?

Digital marketing is a part of everything, which raises many challenges- processes, technology, skills etc. Putting up design, tech, client’s demand and data take a lot of time. With so many social media platforms, people are distracted and overwhelmed which means it’s much harder now to get their attention.

What’s on your reading list?

Ogilvy on Advertising- David Ogilvy

Anuradha Tiwari Digital Media Marketer
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