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About Mr. Hugo Wang, Taiwanese Master Chef & Founder, Moon of Taj

Hugo Wang is the founder of Moon of Taj, an exclusive confectionary brand that blends the exotic flavours of  two Asian culinary giants Taiwan and India. A medical school graduate who went on to get an MBA from Manchester Business School and eventually became the first Taiwanese to graduate from IIM Ahmedabad, only Wang with his truly cosmopolitan background could have come up with as unique an idea as fusing Taiwanese and Indian flavours to bring this one-of-a-kind dessert experience.

Mr. Hugo Wang, Taiwanese Master Chef & Founder, Moon of Taj

Mr. Hugo Wang, Taiwanese Master Chef & Founder, Moon of Taj

Hugo was first introduced to the culinary world by his grandmother Ms. Wang Li Mai who is now 104-years-old. In Taiwan, she owns a successful breakfast chain which is renowned for specialising in an eclectic range of baozi which are steamed buns with assorted fillings. It was through her initial guidance that he learnt to identify all kinds of breads, spices and herbs. These lessons, of course, were invaluable when Hugo finally decided to give up his secure but humdrum job as an international consultant to venture into a whole different and exciting world of confectionary.

The idea for Moon of Taj came to Hugo when he was travelling back and forth to India between 2011 to 2014 to attend many a friend’s wedding.  He found it fascinating that sweets were at the very centre of every occasion and ritual in the country. However, he was also quick to notice that most Indian sweets had very high sugar content. Hugo, then, saw a great opportunity to put his lifelong passion into place and introduced an alternative with Moon of Taj. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Moon of Taj store at Lajpat Nagar, with its typical fusion of Taiwanese and Indian aesthetics, offers four exquisite flavours of fruit tarts like cheese & pineapple, green tea & mango, chocolate & orange, latte &butter and the Taiwanese favourite nougats where the milk-based delicacies combined with the crunchy texture of almond crumble into a delicious chewy aftertaste. Hugo has made India fall in love with sweets all over again.

About Moon of Taj

Moon of Taj is a unique sweets and confectionary brand that introduces an exotic blend of Taiwanese and Indian flavours which isn’t simply delectable but also makes for a novel gifting idea. Founded in November 2016 by Mr. Hugo Wang, Moon of Taj is a Taiwanese sweet brand which has recently made its foray in Indian market with its exclusive store in Lajpat Nagar. The brand is a healthier and exclusive dessert option for every occasion, which celebrates two cultures renowned for their unique and splendid culinary legacy.

No matter what the occasion – Dussehra, Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, Holi or even birthdays and weddings, we just can’t do without a generous dose of saccharin. The tradition of gifting and serving sweets isn’t just fun but strikes a deep chord in all us Indians. Giving this age old custom an awesome imaginative twist is Moon of Taj.

Moon of Taj Reviews Lajpat Nagar

Each and every Moon of Taj sweet is exclusively crafted by expat Taiwanese and Indian chefs to ensure that the flavours and techniques from both regions are done complete justice. These Masterchefs have dug deep to come with two bespoke collections of dessert – Moon of Taj Taiwanese Fruit Tart and Moon of Taj Nougat. Every single piece of sweet from each of these collections are wrapped in an elegant packaging which make them a truly premium gifting option. Moreover, each product under the brand adheres to Taiwanese food safety norms as well as the Indian FSSAI regulations.

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