role of networking in your growth and successful startup
How networking helps you in growth.

Networking, making connections, getting known in specific circles, attending events these are just a few things which are a hyper buzz in today’s startup world. As someone said that “startup is the new guitar“, everyone wants one. But once they get it, it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, excepting those who have strong networking skills. As said by Gary Vaynerchuk-

A real entrepreneur is in it because he has no choice, that person is driven by the fire in their heart to build and execute startups based on their ideas.

That being said, in the real world you are as good as your network and connections are. Your network is your net worth. But what is the right amount of networking, how does one knows when to network and when to focus, that is what you can learn by acquiring networking skills. In a world where everyone is now looking for shortcuts and starting to live life one day a time, what does it takes to tackle the world and focus on your goals too. A real entrepreneur is someone who never stops improvising things, solving real-life problems. For them, it’s not about making big in the world or anything but to create a future that’s better than the past and at the same time sticking to the good that the past has.

              “Adapt, Improvise, Overcome.”

These are my favorite lines from the movie series undisputed and they hold forever true. This world is a food chain with many layers and each time you take a jump from one layer to another this holds true. There are many mountains to climb after the first one thought the journey of thousand miles begins with the first step. The gist of the topic is you should network when needed and with a purpose and become focused on your work rest of the time. What’s crucial here is maintaining both; most people try to take it the fast way pushing themselves to the edge until it breaks them out.

Importance of networking skills

Networking is useful and fun if you do it in right way. |Via

Startups are all about bringing the change and for someone who has tried this you know it’s damn hard to change anything in the world because the people trying to change the world are not even 1% of the total population. Most of them are busy in fight for survival, rest are just too busy enjoying the life not concerning for the world and being in the comfort of their friends and family as per the need. The few who take a step and think of world are met with resistance because it means upsetting the way of life of the majority. Thus we need all the help we can get. But then again-

” Don’t be so thirsty to drink from every opportunity, that’s how you get poisoned.”

The problem today is we are living in a mid-era of startups, early days doing something like this was tough and the person was all alone mostly and their sheer grit and persistence took them to places. Nowadays it’s too much of a buzz and everyone has a unicorn startup idea and no-one is worried about execution, they are just dreaming trying to flying without even trying to walk first.

Networking is crucial, networking is very important, networking is needed. It’s the main thing you have to remember, you want to become successful but in pursuit of that, you forget that you only become successful when you want it as hard as you wanna breathe. And in the land of unknown waters how long can you stay adrift by hanging onto others? Everyone has a journey of their own and even if they walk together for some time, later they will get apart. It’s important not to forget your goals amidst all the fun.

Connect to the successful people. Networking and connections

Networking will help you to connect with some best people| Via

Most people shy of networking because they feel intimidated, other fake it but the thing lies in the balance, you have to be real, true to yourself, you have to know your limits and goals, and come forward with it. You don’t have to network with any just because they are successful or expert and you certainly don’t have to attend any events just because your peers are doing so or because everyone big is going to be there. You are not looking to follow anybody, you are looking to create your own. You have to start alone being focused on your goals, remember not to stay adrift and improvise along the way. You will have to make some choices along the way, don’t be afraid to make the hard ones but not necessarily do so just for the sake. Don’t be shy about helping others, we lift ourselves by lifting others. Most of all push yourself in the right direction & learn from others as much as you can. That is when when your networking skills help you and that is the importance of Networking skills. It’s the never ending fight to keep a balance between things but after all it’s about the journey not the destination.

role of networking in your growth and successful startup

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