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When we think about entrepreneurship, we think about an idea. But we ever think that How an Idea comes into mind? No? When we cross from a problem or analysis people who are going through some problems. When you get the problem, you think about the solutions and skills that you have to implement the solutions. If you are not skilled enough, either you go to learn those skills or hire the resources to do same for you. When we start an idea with full power and energy we want to change everything around us. But as we grow as entrepreneur, we lose the quality of
entrepreneurship and become a business man who believe in making profits only instead of making changes around us.

If you are surround with problems than it’s a good sign that you can be a future entrepreneur. It depends on your thoughts; how can you see the problems around us. I always see them as an opportunity.

Next Generation Entrepreneur- Initiative by Startup Selfie 3 – Startup Selfie
The thing always happens that you really believe in; And the belief in a thing make it happen To be a good entrepreneur, you have to be a good leader that focus to build others, share the knowledge, make customer happy. It’s a power of sharing that make a common person to a successful entrepreneur. Engaging with people on the personal level definitely help strangers feel like friends, but if I want to be the best entrepreneur in the country, I need to be more than just a nice young man.

About the Umesh Kushwaha

• (2010-2014) from SRMS CET Bareilly
• Developed an operating system during college days named SRMS-OS
Take various initiatives for students like:


• Give various workshop to engineering students on different technologies
• Share video tutorials on his channel:
• Keen interest to build various IT projects and software designs
• Always try to help, guide and build students to be a good engineer or a good person.
Focus on these topics in event:
• Building Idea into reality
• Importance of IT in startups
• How to choose Infra and software
• Digital Marketing tools
• Data Analytics for future planning
• Business Intelligence to analysis the previous records
• Clouds and Virtualizations
• How to motivate yourself to face daily problems
• Building your team.
• How to motivate your team.

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