Nina Lekhi success story
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The Journey of Nina Lekhi – Baggit

Failure is the stepping stone towards success.

We all heard that failure plays a very crucial role in one’s success, but the journey of Nina Lekhi- Face behind one of the biggest bag company: Baggit; has proved it right. Nina started her entrepreneurial journey due to her first failure in life, which results in the creation of a global bag brand “Baggit”.

Nina Lekhi Wiki

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“First Failure of Nina Lekhi that leads to the birth of Baggit.”

Being a creative mind and passionate painter, Nina was very fond of fashion and always wanted to use her creativity to make something fashionable. So at the age of 18, she joined a diploma course in Foundation Art at Sophia Polytechnic College. Despite being a very hard-working and disciplined, she got failed in her first year of college. It was the early failure of her life, which agitated her from inside.

Nina was not able to believe that she got failed & thus wanted to prove herself. Like other girls, Nina was also very much fond of bags. She used to have different bags for different purposes. That was the reason Nina loved to design varieties of bags. One thing that she had noticed was the lack of range of classy & elegant bags in the market. So Nina decided to fill that gap & started designing “Bags with Attitude”.

Nina Lekhi Baggit New Collection

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Like every other business, her business also needed some initial investment. Her mother came as a support & invested Rs.7000 in Nina’s business. This leads to the birth of a famous bag brand “Baggit”.

How Nina Lekhi Made Baggit Presence in Market?

Nina had seen a friend of her exhibiting his garments at Oberoi Hotels, so she also started to market & exhibit her bags in exhibitions. Another break came while she was working as a sales girl in a boutique. She began stocking bags and selling them to the girls. And finally, a big collaboration took place when Shoppers Stop had just entered the Indian Market, and partnered with Baggit.

Baggit Store

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This partnership gave a boost to Baggit, and now she experienced an increase in footfall and started selling her bags Pan-India. As malls were proliferating at that time and became the symbol of brand visibility, Nina also opened her first store in Atria mall. Gradually, she worked towards marketing of Baggit & made it a huge brand.

What Makes Baggit Different from others?

Unlike other bags, Baggit not only focuses on the quality of the bags but also on its capacity. They make sure that every bag should be spacious enough to carry the goods comfortably. Not only this, but their designs are also in tune with International brands and that too in your budget, which is hard to find with other brands.

Baggit Ads

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Started in 1984, with an initial investment of Rs.7000, Baggit is now selling at more than 1,000 stores globally, with brand worth around 1000 Crores. And all this happened just because of One failure of Nina Lekhi’s life. She was strong enough to accept that thing and showed everyone that one could achieve everything, if one wants to do. It all just depends whether you learn from your failure or give up by losing hope.

Nina Lekhi success story
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