Women's Day India Campaign
#SheForMe- A Women's Day 2018 Campaign by Dropout Dudes

This Women’s Day, we’re giving you a chance to celebrate the women in your life! There is always her who stands beside you in your tough times, SHE who motivates you when you need it the most.

This Women’s Day help Dropout Dudes to recognize such wonderful women.

Tell her why She is important to you. Whether she is your mom, best friend, co-founder, flatmate, office colleague etc. Make her feel proud today by letting the world her importance in your life.

The Campaign

We bet there’s a woman in your life or around you who is an inspiration to you. It could be your mother, your teacher, your sister, your wife, your cofounder, your best friend, your mentor, your daughter or even a boss or a colleague (yes, sometimes it does happen :p) and let the world know what she means to you and how she has played a role in making your life better.

Women's Day India Campaign

#SheForMe- A Women’s Day 2018 Campaign by Dropout Dudes

All you have to do is-

  1. Click a really nice picture of yourself with the woman who has inspired you, and who has contributed towards making you the person that you are today. (Tip- If you can’t click a picture at the moment, use any of the old snaps.) It could be your mom, your sister, your teacher, your wife, or any female for that matter!
  2. Now in the caption, tell us why is she so exceptional?
  3. Make sure to present it in the most creative and inspiring way through a picture and message.
  4. Post it on your Instagram or facebook and tag 3 friends ask them to do the same. Use hashtag #SheForMe. Oh and also make sure you follow @dropoutdudes on Instagram!


Following is the main criteria based on which content is judged and winners are selected:

  1. Concept, idea and message.
  2. Image quality: Clarity, sharpness and appropriate lighting within an image.

What you’ll be getting!

1 winner to win a goodie hamper, curated by #DropoutDudesCrew! + Additional perks-

1) Top 2 winners will get –

  • An Instagram feature of your post on Dropout Dudes.
  • Feature on Facebook story and website.

2) 2 Runner-ups will get-

Feature on Dropout Dudes’ Insta- stories.

Women's Day India Campaign
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