Idea – To give the loneliness of the world a place to belong without any inhibition or judgment. The millennials are probably the loneliest generation of all time. There is an urgent need to address this epidemic and give a safe-haven to the countless broken and empty souls.

Journey – Since they moved to digital world. i.e. Website

The Wall And Us

It’s been 2 months since the website was incorporated. The website allows its visitors to do the following three things –

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  • Share their story so that someone somewhere can read it and know that they are not alone. So far we’ve received 40 contributions from people belonging to various facets of life. Almost everything on our site is written in First Every story, every advice, every insight comes from our reader sown personal experiences.
  • Start a discussion thread in The Safe-Haven about whatever is bothering you so that the community can reach out to help that person and offer insight and advice.
  • Talk to back-end listeners who will listen to them in real time without any inhibition or judgment. Not therapists – Just people who’ll listen.

The site allows the user to be anonymous.


A year back struggling with alcoholism and prescription pills overuse – I tried to kill myself. As turbulent as the whole thing was something good came out of it. When I went back home to start my three-month sobriety break I started a blog.

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As time passed and I received and read other people’s stories and contributions I realized everyone has a story. Some choose to share it and some don’t.

The Wall And Us

I also realized that people were as lonely as I was. In this “Fake it till you make it” world, everyone is constantly trying to fit and belong and in the process they are forgetting what makes them so special.

That is what started the website!

The Wall And Us

Whenever you feel alone, these guys are just one click away!

P.S.- It’s actually a really long story but this is the basic overview of the whole thing.

You can reach them at-

Contributed by: Aitijya Sarkar

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