Sounds absurd, can you think of anything that is a problem to you??? A problem not only makes you sharp and provides you with valuable lessons but also keeps you curious and motivated towards life. If the answer is Yes to the above question, maybe you should grab pen and a piece of paper and think of an idea to resolve that problem. (Well personal one shouldn’t be included until it can be turned into an opportunity) Your idea can be a product, a service or something out of the box or may be anything within the box but in a creative way. If you have a problem, well you have a potential business opportunity. Today we will share the story of one such startup, which realised the lack of genuine leather products in the market and build solution for it.

Amit Gautam, Founder of Leatherandyou

Amit Gautam, Co-Founder of Leatherandyou

Whatever is mentioned in this article is not taken from any book, I can use great quotes to make it look impressive, but I am not here to impress but to express. I have so many hard-learned examples to narrate, ‘You’ have always have a way out. A thought can change course of life and remember you are blessed if you/your Team can Think and Analyse the situation. We, found a problem with one simple question, How are you planning to sell it? This one question germinated a seed of curiosity.

Story behind this question is related to our common friend, who is now a businessman and owns a
genuine hand-made Leather products brand. To this question, he narrated same conventional ways
existing in market to sell his products.

We thought it’s a problem having no single platform exist, where one can buy genuine leather products. (We are not saying that one can’t buy leather products from current E-commerce market-place but genuineness of Leather and authenticity of a brand is a problem).

Brand for Genuine Leather products- Leatherandyou

Brand for Genuine Leather products- Leatherandyou

The business idea Leatherandyou emerged from this problem: There is no trust worthy e-commerce website where a person can buy genuine leather products of any brand under one roof. Already its hard for people to recognise, if a product is made of leather or of high quality Polyutherine-Leather aka Rexin. On top of it giant E-commerce websites are not able to keep check what their sellers are selling in the name of genuine leather. Unfortunately, I have been a victim of such encounter twice, I quit leather products online because of severe trust issues.

Our idea, Leatherandyou.com resolves this barrier, its a market-place that guarantees about the genuineness of leather products. All you need to think about is your Taste and not Trust.
Things may sound simple but a piece of advice: Always research over the “Problem” if it can be turned into a business. Never enter your market without research, you will gain a lot of knowledge and a direction just by sitting over the computer and being on the ground for FREE. We were surprised to find out after two years of research that they are one a kind, ideally world’s 1st to
introduce such marketplace.


International conference on entrepreneurship and leadership at Amity Univerity

1st prize in International conference on entrepreneurship and leadership at Amity University.

Recently, On 16th Feb 2018, We won for their innovative concept at Amity International Conference on Entrepreneurship and Leadership 2018. Winning gives the confidence that they are moving in right directions. The Award prize includes Seed Fund and Incubation support from Amity University for 6 months.

“The reason I can think of Why we won is because of two reasons, a) Well researched about market, trends and Size, we are entering and b) Being a differentiator i.e. coming up with something unique as an Idea. I will say it is an advice to all the people who are looking forward to start a start-up.”


One more thing and I can bet you on this, initially the biggest investment required to start any business is time (research about the idea), you can’t and shouldn’t be the judge of time as the good thing about time is, It Changes. What are you waiting for? Go find a Problem. There is whole line of Business waiting for You. Have a Happy Journey.” – Amit Gautam, Co-founder of LeatherAndYou.


Author’s Point of View:

“Fear kills more dreams than Failure ever will”

Don’t fear from failures. Failures will teach you the best lessons of your life. When you will try something new, you will get failed, when you get failed you  will learn from it and when you learn you will improvise your mistakes for the better result. This is what successful people does, and we should do.


Divya Gupta
Divya is a skilled business developer and the conceptual mind behind bold and bright ideas. She has an eye for the smallest detail which defines her work. She can reflect and analyze work like nobody else and never lets the bigger picture escape from sight. Sometimes she says – Let’s do it all over again!

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