SYLLABi App for effective study
SYLLABi App for effective study

Since college exams are about to begin, all the students can feel the pressure of study at the last moment. To help you guys in effective and strategic reading, here we comes up with a tool SYLLABi- A product by Twenty Kiwi and brainchild of two youngsters Mr. Shiv Rathi and Varun Rana. So, now the question is:

What is SYLLABi?

“study at just one click.”
1. It is a mobile app facilitating previous year questions of all subjects of courses like BBA, BCA,
BCOM, BSc (biotech) etc.
2. It covers 8000 approx. Questions and their answers, videos (Hindi and English language).

Important questionnaire based on previous year question paper

Important questionnaire based on previous year question paper

3. It comprises of Career options information, notification panel about job availability, university
regular updates, etc.
4. It is very handy and convenient tool to study for all CCS university affiliated college students.
5. It is downloadable at google play store for free of cost. So, download now and enjoy learning.
6. App also facilitates chat facility where one can discuss, suggest, ask queries etc. to each other
and teachers, their seniors.

Content wise distribution in SYLLABi App

Content wise distribution in SYLLABi App

How SYLLABi came into existence?

SYLLABi is the brainchild of Varun Rana and Shiv Rathi, who one day went to the shop to get the refresher of BCA. But unfortunately, they were late, and the shopkeeper said, ‘now the stock is finished and it will not be available.’ Since it was an exam time, so they borrowed a refresher from other friends but faced lots of difficulties during exam time.
This was the time when they decide to solve this issue because obviously not only they but many other students like them might be confronting the same dilemma. Being a  technical players and also considering it as trouble at all students level, they
originated an idea to make it reach to all and that is how ‘SYLLABi’ came into existence.

Since SYLLABi is designed by the college students, all the aspects regarding college examinations and curriculum, important topics, most common and repeated questions from the previous years, has been kept in the mind while designing it. So with SYLLABi, one can not only read strategically for the exams but also can study what is useful and have higher chances to come in the exam, without wasting your time.

Career Options on SYLLABi App

Career options after a particular course is also available on SYLLABi App

Since its launch, SYLLABi received a great response from the college students and founders are still working on improving this application. Besides this, they are  also working as a software and game developers and developed games as suju, staNUM under the startup named as Twentykiwi.

Author’s Point of View:

SYLLABi is a step towards technology-based education system, which allows you to study in an effective and strategise manner. Because Quality Education is what matters the most.

SYLLABi App for effective study
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