Celebrities Visited Naturals Ice Cream
Aamir Khan and Team Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahin visited Naturals Ice Cream.

21st Century, where the world is witnessing the artificial substitute for everything, and we still have the greed for natural and organic goods! Not sure about what you could find natural except one THE NATURALS ICE CREAM. Could anything be better than ice cream with no artificial products? I can’t think of anything else. Naturals Ice Cream does not contain any artificial preservatives, flavours and any stabilizers, justifying its name to the complete. An ice-cream brand that proudly that based oh JUHU Scheme.

How Raghunandan, the son of a fruit vendor founded Naturals Ice Cream?

The Naturals Ice Cream started as a small store, like every other ice cream parlour, but the unique flavours and the high-quality standards along with great sanity maintained, helped them to create a unique space for themselves in the market. And that space is continuously expanding ever since then. Natural Ice Cream now has outlets in almost all of the major cities in Maharashtra and Southern India. The successful run of the Naturals ice cream is very inspiring and should be shared as far as can, because of the firm determination of non-compromise of the quality.

Natural Ice Creams Founder Owner Raghunandan Kamath

Raghunandan Kamath’s Natural Ice Creams offers a range of delicious flavours made from 60 varieties of fruits as well as dry fruits (Photos: Rohan Potdar) | Via

The journey started in 1984 when the founder and chairman of Natural Ice cream, Mr Raghunandan Srinivas Kamath took part from his family business named “Gokul Ice cream” from his brother and started a shop in the Juhu area of Mumbai. Being a son of a fruit vendor, R.S Kamath had a great knowledge of fruits, and while working with his brother at his food joint, he learned a lot about the ice-cream varieties.

One day, R.S Kamath came up with a simple question “If ice cream can have fruit flavours, why can’t it have real fruits instead?. This wonderful yet straightforward thought led to the creation of Natural’s Ice Cream in Mumbai, with four staff and 10 flavours including Mango, Strawberry and Jack Fruit.

“I wore sandals for the first time when I came to Mumbai at the age of fifteen”

Naturals Ice Creams Scoops Flavour

Naturals Ice Cream Scoop! | Photo via Jagan Negi.

The products of the shop started to get famous as the time passed by, and the store was a huge attraction in the area, gathering a lot of crowds not only on weekends but also on weekdays. As the capital, started to flow in, two things were done. The first thing was to increase the range of products and increment in the number of outlets in the Mumbai and its Suburbs.

Various experiments were done to include the non-seasonal fruit ice cream in the range as well. But for this, there was no other option than to buy the pulp of fruits and ice cream prepared by mechanical operations.

Supporting this Mr. Kamath Always says that he completely disagrees with the statement that machine prepared ice cream requires artificial flavours and stabilizers.

The task wasn’t easy, to cope up with the huge demand every day and hence a large manufacturing unit was set up in Kandiwali, another Mumbai suburb. It was an enormous task, and the team worked in two shifts for eight hours to meet the demands. Slowly, the products started getting famous among non-localities of Mumbai, and this increasing popularity helped Naturals to expand their reach by opening outlets in other cities as well!

Raghunandan Srinivas Kamath Owner of Naturals Ice Cream India

Raghunandan Srinivas Kamath; Owner of Naturals Ice Cream India | via

But still, the production is only done at one manufacturing hub, and the ice cream is manufactured by bringing the fresh seasonal fruits early morning, from the market and then all the process are done manually for extracting the fruit pulp.

Then the machines and heaters and coolers take care of your delicious ice cream. The very important decision not expanding in North India is the temperature.

Girish Pai, who heads both the retail and production says that the ice cream cannot preserve with same at all temperature. There has to be a specific condition and temperature for the taste to remain the same. This is the main reason for Naturals not expanding in North India and all the expansion of the company can be seen in Western and Southern India.

Naturals have 89 outlets in total and are readily increasing their reach and the sector in the market by giving out a franchise.

A 50 crore Business!

Naturals Ice Cream Owner Kamath

Naturals Ice Cream Owner at Juhu Office | via

In 2009, Shrinivas, Son of Mr. Kamath, took the business in his hands and started his work by renewing the Juhu store and now it has become a famous landmark. With the advancement of technology, Natural ice creams also started selling their products online as well. Now, many fundamental changes along with setting up of a manufacturing plant in another city are also under action.

Kamath has kept the prices competitive — all scoops cost Rs 60 while a 500g pack costs Rs 300.

The main reasons for the success are quality, taste and hygiene. A consumer could not ask for more. The sweet and pure taste of Natural ice-cream will always be on the taste buds of the consumers.

Celebrities Visited Naturals Ice Cream

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