Success Stories of Women Entrepreneurs
Success Stories of Women Entrepreneurs.

Women Entrepreneurs

Today, where men are working so hard to be an entrepreneur so that they don’t have to be dominated by others but to be their own bosses. How can girls wait to sail the same boat? They too are equipped with skills, confidence and desperation at par with boys.

Where a decade ago girls were asked to be behind the doors and take care of the domestic chores. Now, most of the girls are taught to be independent so that they don’t have to suffer at any point in time. But as we all know it’s not just the permission from the parents which is the only obstacle but there are other factors also such as community pressure, communication and more than that their own security.

Therefore, we now would talk about some brave ladies, who fought with all the obstacles they faced in their paths and succeeded to be influential women entrepreneurs. And mind you, these are all Indian Entrepreneurs.

Founder, Menstrupedia

From pickles to be not to be touched to temples not to be entered. Menstruation is the term we call to restrict females from many things every month. This is where we get people like Aditi Gupta, who empathises and stands against it. She started by having Hindi comics on menstruation, which was also supported by her now husband, Tuhin Patel. From here, Aditi and Tuhin’s venture has scaled to a whole website called Along with a comic book section to simplify menstruation for the reader, it has guides on hygiene, health and ways to be active during periods, plus – answers to frequently asked queries.

Founder & CEO,

Anisha Singh kicked off her career on Capitol Hill working with the Clinton administration aiding women entrepreneurs to raise funding for innovative women-led businesses. Her resume then boasts of her working at Centra Software. Then in 2009, she founded, India’s largest coupon provider. Anisha holds a Masters degree in political communication, as well as an MBA in Information Systems from American University in Washington DC. She still possesses the top position in her firm. She now is also a panellist on a TV show based on dropouts.


Seemingly an ace at multitasking, Ankita Gaba is a social media strategist, businessperson, consultant, lecturer and the co-founder of, an A to Z storehouse of Indian social media thoughts, ideas, trends, news and dialogue. She was also the former founder of Superchooha, an online media strategist for the likes of Colors, Zapak, Mahindra, Ponds and Idea Cellular. Her accolades include being in the list of “Global Top 100 Social Media Agencies and Consultants 2012-13″ and “50 Indian Women to Follow on Twitter”, among others. She has an in-depth expertise of all things social media and helps social media agencies build teams. She also has worked with Universal Communications Mumbai, Spinq media etc.

For men entrepreneurs, it is difficult; for women entrepreneurs, it’s much more than that. Therefore, we thank these and many others to inspire us.

Success Stories of Women Entrepreneurs

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