Journey of Richa Kar- Founder of Zivame
Journey of Richa Kar- Founder of Zivame

Where in Indian Society, many girls do not have the freedom to do something beyond their study, here are some exceptionally strong women who are fighting against this scenario and achieving their dreams. Here is the story of one such Women Entrepreneur– Richa Kar, the owner of an online lingerie brand Zivame. The entrepreneurial journey of Richa Kar wasn’t smooth from the beginning as she gets opposed by her parents. Her mother was embarrassed about her idea of selling lingerie as she was afraid what the other people will say when she will tell them about her daughter’s profession. On the other side, father of Richa Kar didn’t get the concept of selling lingerie online, so no support was provided from his end also. Still, Richa was determined enough towards her goal, and by her hard work and determination, she builds the company Zivame of worth more than Rs. 681 Cr.

Richa Kar- A brain behind Online Women Lingerie brand Zivame

Richa Kar- A brain behind Online Women Lingerie brand Zivame

Early Life of Richa Kar:

Before entering the startup world, Richa had a secured job and career. She was an engineering graduate from BITS Pilani and had a corporate job in Bangalore. Later she completed her MBA and started working with Spencers Retail and SAP as a retail consultant where she learned a lot about the retail sector.

The idea of Zivame came into her mind while working at SAP; she tracked the online sales of Victoria’s Secret which is America’s largest retail company of women’s lingerie. She observed that the sales figures crossed the target, but there was no such market for Indian Women. After working 8 years in the retail sector, Richa Kar got the fair knowledge of that sector and decided to start something of her own.

Initial Struggles:

When Richa Kar discussed with her mother about her idea of selling Women’s lingerie online, her mother’s reaction was not supportive. Her mother was worried that how she will tell her friends that her daughter is selling bra-panties online. Also, no support she got from her father as he didn’t get the concept of her business.

Richa Kar- A girl who never give up on her dreams

Richa Kar- A girl who never give up on her dreams| via

To get more insights about lingerie business, she visited many malls and shops and observed that women feel shy about buying lingerie offline as mostly shopkeepers in such shops are male. Also, women cannot expect fitting and styling tips from such shops. Keeping all these points in mind, Richa came up with the name “ziva” for her idea which means Radiance in Hebrew. But since that name was not available so she settled with Zivame, which means Radiant Me. She launched the brand in 2011, with all her savings and Rs. 35 lakhs which she borrowed from her friends.

Critics from People

Initial days of her startup life was very bad as people were making fun of her venture. She couldn’t even find a house on rent as when her landlord asked what she was doing she had to tell them she sold clothes online.

Turning Point

Even after receiving so much criticism, Richa Kar didn’t lose hope. Finally, after some time, Zivame got a good response from its buyers. Richa got her first client from Indore who was trying to buy materials from her worth of Rs. 7000. Gradually, Zivame claims growth of 300% yearly.

Started with Rs.35 Lacs, Richa Kar made Zivame worth Rs.681 Crores

Started with Rs.35 Lacs, she made Zivame worth Rs.681 Crores| Via

Investors got impressed from dedication and hard work of Richa Kar and she received her first funding of $3Mn in May 2012. Then another funding of $6Mn in Dec 2013 and $40Mn in 2015. Today her company valuation is more than Rs. 681 Crores.

Author’s Point of View:

When everyone was against Richa Kar and making fun of her idea, she was focussed and working towards her dreams. And today the same people appreciate her for her work. In your life, you will meet many people who will criticise you at many points but it depends upon you how you react to them and what you choose.

Journey of Richa Kar- Founder of Zivame
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