Success Story of Weekend Refuge
Team Behind Weekend Refuge

Someone very rightly told, if you make your passion your work, it will drive you to perfection. All these three Entrepreneurs took it quite seriously and started working for it. Taking their passion for traveling, the three best friends from school got together and took their love for traveling to the next level by building their Travel Startup Company “Weekend Refuge.” A discussion over some drinks got so real was something they never thought, but glad it happened. They are living their dream and want everyone to be a part of it.

Anshal Jain, The Marketing Mind of Weekend Refuge

Anshal Jain, The Marketing Mind of Weekend Refuge

Let me begin to introduce the three young, talented men who have travel stories that will leave you in complete awe. Anshal Jain comes from a marketing background who will be seen jumping and hopping from place to place with a big smile on his face trying to make your travel journeys into stories and memories for you to remember for a lifetime.

Jashn Lamba, Co-Founder of Weekend Refuge

Jashn Lamba, Co-Founder of Weekend Refuge

Jashn Lamba, who comes from Finance background will never let you burn a hole in your pocket with the affordable trips he helps you plan in this era of supreme competition. Last but not the least, Namit Pabreja who belongs to the hospitality industry makes sure that ‘Mehmaan Nawazi at best’ feel is something you get at all times during your trip.

Nimit Pabreja, Co-founder of Travel Startup Weekend Refuge

Namit Pabreja, Co-Founder of Weekend Refuge

To know more about their journey, Team Dropout Dudes interacted with Team Weekend Refuge and here are some excerpts of it:

1) Tell us something more about Weekend Refuge? What is it all about and how the Journey of Weekend Refuge began?

Weekend Refuge is our small beginning towards moving away from basic travel bookings to building customized trips and journeys of our fellow travelers that have a touch of personalization at every bit. With the sudden increase in love for traveling solo, traveling with friends and traveling in general, we thought to reduce the hassles of the people. By planning through and through for them is something that we have as our mission and vision since day 1.
The travel and hospitality industry is ever changing and supremely dynamic. Hence, needs the kind of customizations and personalization we are aiming to deliver. All things said and done, to sum up, I, we would like to say, traveling helps with the 3 R’s
It helps you

And, that is something we want everyone to experience with our efforts in making traveling Hassle and stress-free, just like the way you want.

2) While pursuing your passion as a profession, what were the initial problems you guys have faced in your startup journey?

I believe every entrepreneur goes through a lot of hiccups when they start something. We started with fixed packages for travelers for several locations in India. But, with time we understood that India being a diverse country culturally is dynamic when it comes to traveling as well. Travelers in India comes with different minds- be it backpacking or a luxurious trip. Hence, we made sure that we are planning for all travelers as per their preferred budget and other travel preferences. We are still at a very nascent stage and are learning at every step as we take forward. We want each experience of our traveler to be a stepping stone in our journey of learning and making the best trips for our travelers across the globe.

3) What is that one problem that Weekend Refuge is solving?

Travel comes with a lot of processes of planning, booking, looking at what is best for you, etc. That’s what we do at Weekend Refuge, take away all your hassles and worries away and curate the best travel plans with the personalized itinerary as per personal likes and dislikes. It’s a win-win for the travelers, wherein they just sit and relax while we plan for them. We are just not another travel booking platform; we are with our travelers from day 1 when someone registers with WR till the time they have reached back home from the trip. The traveler has to just think about the great memories coming their way.

4) How Is Weekend Refuge different from other travel startups?

Everyone across the world is trying to make the best travel plans for anyone who decide to avail their services. What makes us different from others is that we personally make sure the comfort of our travelers. We keep in touch with them 24*7 starting from their departure till they have reached back in their houses. Safety is the first and foremost priority for Weekend Refuge, and hence we make sure that we provide our travelers with complimentary travel insurance be it a group trip or a solo traveler. We plan the trip keeping in mind even the smallest things, which could be that a traveler likes Italian food and we would suggest them a famous Italian restaurant where they are traveling. Our itinerary makes sure everything is covered that the traveler doesn’t have to Google for anything and enjoy the beauty of the place. We are their google for their travel destination.

Author’s Point of View:

So, this was the journey of Three Passionate Travel Entrepreneurs, who are trying to make your travel experience more beautiful and comfortable through their traveling startup Weekend Refuge. Lastly, travel like there’s no tomorrow because who knows what we are missing?’

Success Story of Weekend Refuge
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