Awesome Indian Startup Ideas

Do you look for Ideas? If yes, you are never going to build a successful start-up with this idea! Why would people buy your product or service if they don’t need it or if a similar thing prevails in the market? Give a thought to it! Wait, don’t think! ‘OBSERVE’

Observe is the best way! It leads you to problems may be yours or of another person or a particular community or particular region or particular age group. But once you see a problem, look for the solutions to it and this is when an idea is born! It’s not thinking but noticing that’s important. Now, you have the need gap; you have a problem and the one who faces the similar problem is your customer if you have a nice solution. IDEA, the four letter word has the power to change the world? The idea that you have should be FASTER. It should be CHEAPER, and It should be BETTER than the pre-existing idea and any other person’s idea on this planet if you really want to make your idea a world-changing one or you want to build a successful idea.

Startup and Dreams

Startup ideas and dreams!

Still not clear about how to observe? Then look for examples! Read stories and you will get clear about how to look for? The pain point, it can be yours and many similar ones like yours! CampusConnect started on this principle. It’s not the idea that matters the most, what matters is the problem that your idea is solving.

But working on an idea is a difficult task! The resistance of not working on it is huge. For this, you need to work not on the idea directly, but you need to validate it earlier. Ask these questions –

  1. Is my pain point valid? Do others also face the same problem? Take a nice survey of it and understand the problem in detail?
  2. If there are other people who also face the same problem, what do they do for it? Do they already have a solution for this?
  3. If they don’t have a solution for it, what my solution would do in it? If they already have a solution, ask is my solution better in every aspect?
  4. Now the idea should also bring you capital? Would your idea do that?

If you are now clear and have answers to all the above questions, START WORKING!
I hope this is very clear to you! And get back to us for understanding the next steps to get the right things in your armour for understanding the market more properly in the next article.


Awesome Indian Startup Ideas

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