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“We don’t all see things the same way. Wisdom is learning to appreciate the view from another person’s vantage point” with this adage by Susan Hale, Mantrana, the Debating Society of Kalindi College finds great pleasure in commemorating the second edition of its Annual Debating Festival, Vantage’17, to be held on 10th and 11th of April.

The art of debate involves mastering skills of obvious intrinsic value: the confidence to speak in public, and make sense; the construction of a logical argument; the ability to read an audience’s reactions; and, perhaps most importantly, the willingness to hear others’ arguments, and to respond to them.

Vantage is epitome of deliverance, we call it the “debating extravaganza” As history tracks, we provide an incomparable platform to share your notions with political correctness and progressive ideals to shun the pseudo radicals.

So this year we have tried hitting the right chords of equality with our theme-THINK PINK.

“Pink and males do not go hand in hand” or “Pink is the favorite tint for the Female” or ” attributing the shade with weak, fragile, meek, to be cared of” we spark the zeal in breaking that. We believe in the saying that all those brevities that shout our thoughts aloud, we put them under the shades of pink that bars no boundaries. Where pink is equivalent to equality for all and not a sheer symbol of feminine, “We separate feminism from pink and pink from subtle”.

We instigate our audience to review their initial assumptions about the tinge. we invite you to ponder and deliver your views on how the colour pink and feminism can exist contemporaneously.

Vantage is a two day event where students from various academic institutions will be loggerheads at loggerheads with their word, thought and articulation combat.Political events continue to remind us of the importance of persuasive arguments and good oratory that appeal not only to our rational side, but our emotional side too. ability to see the other side is particularly important. “The essence of debate is that we allow people with whom we disagree to speak. Hence here at Vantage we invite people who want to indulge in a intellectual and like- minded confluence.

VANTAGE is a bilingual debating event as we believe in language should not bar someone to express an opinion. Hence all the sub events taking place in vantage will be held in both English as well as Hindi.

The events of Vantage ’17 are as follows-


A conventional debate is formal argumentations between two opposing sides where speakers will either propose to the motion or attack its validity. Speaker will be adjudicated on articulation, content, delivery and response to the floor’s interjection.

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Same motion, same speaker but flipside turn of argument. Speaker will take a stance on the proposition of statement, and will contradict him or herself after a certain time barrier. A turncoat form debate requires comprehensive critical analysis, logic and construction of thought.

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IIM or MTV Roadies, we cannot exclude impromptu presentation of thought from any level. Group discussion promotes individuals to think on their feet under pressure, enhancing their critical listening skills to produce compelling responses.

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We call this the Prima Donna of Vantage. Chakarvyuh is a herculean multi level debating phenomenon where speaker climb the ladder of word combats and finally wave the parley victory flag. Chakarvyuh obstacles include prelims, semi finals and finals. Prelims is an impromptu speech round with 2 minutes of preparation time, semis is a an oxford style debating wherein participants will debate unconventional, and finals is a case study round for the fearless warriors.

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Vantage is a comprehensive compendium of critical analysis, logical thinking, delivery, articulation, quick wit and the newspaper knowledge. Vantage ’17 themed around Think Pink, invites all the debating enthusiasts who would rather bring their unconventional skills.

So all the sages out there, we invite you to ponder and deliver your views on how the colour pink and feminism can exist contemporaneously.

Lets this shade have no Frontiers.




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