I will be honest, when I joined Miranda House I used to crib a lot. I wasn’t satisfied because I had studied in an all girls school for 14 years and initially Miranda House seemed like a continuation of school life. But now when I look back, I feel that what I am today is because of that institution. It gave me an opinion, a voice to put it forward and courage to face the opposition. When I joined college I was someone who would never speak unless spoken to, follow a protocol for almost everything, some of my friends used to call it “the conventions upbringing” but three years in that college has transformed me completely.

I was a college hostel resident and no matter how much I cursed the hostel back then, it will always remain the most wonderful experience of my life. For the first two months thanks to the Common Wealth Games we couldn’t move into the hostel, so I used to stay in a PG. Once I shifted to the hostel it felt like a completely different world. I will admit that I was a bit scared about the famous ragging sessions of the hostel. The only senior I was scared of initially treats me like her baby sister today. I was planning to write this anonymously because of this incident. In first year, a friend discovered that there was no lock on the door which led to the terrace. So every night we would sit on the terrace, have discussions, imagine our lives after college, make plans and enjoy the moments. For those of you who are wondering why it was such a big deal for us, well, no one was allowed there.

Staying up all night and skipping breakfast was my routine. I guess the hostel never slept, one could always spot some girl in a corner on the phone or with a book in the middle of the night. College was full of adventures and it was impossible to guess what the new day had in store for us. One day I witnessed a film like special 26 being shot in our college and the next time I got the chance to be a part of a film myself (it was edited from Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (thankfully )).

The best part was meeting Imtiaz Ali. Yes, I got an opportunity to cover an event in college where I got to meet him and he is probably the most humble, observant and awesome celebrity I have ever met. On finding out that someone was dressing up in the bathroom we would stand on the sinks and pour a bucket full of cold water on that person. Some of us even made maggi in plastic buckets with emulsion rods. We had a fixed menu for and on Fridays we would get curry and rice (my favourite and the only thing in the mess which i ate without a fuss). We were perpetually hungry and now I can proudly announce that I sniff better than a dog My room was always full of people especially day scholars, who would sneak in and sleep in between classes. I can never forget the rush I used to get on reaching the hostel a few seconds before the curfew. I consider myself lucky that I got an opportunity to learn so much from some of the best teachers of our country. They do not tell you what is right, wrong or left but they give you the space to decide for yourself. They have guided me at every step, I can even share my personal problems with some.

In fact, I don’t think I can sum up THREE YEARS of my life which I spent in that wonderful institution but for now Adios.

Contributed by: Sonakshi Pandey



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