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A huge part of starting a business has a plan than having the courage to act on it. Being part of the Indian startup ecosystem isn’t always glamorous, and often requires just submitting yourself to the process. Startups do make mistakes so as entrepreneurs. Making mistakes is a known habit of the human. We cannot cure a natural knack as it has been said that “You Learn From Your Mistakes.” Here, we are trying to ascribe some common mistakes made by many entrepreneurs in past so that upcoming startup or startupreneurs may learn from these errors and create a good impact on their product and themselves as well.

Future entrepreneurs have to play a significant role in this startup ecosystem; for the same, we are trying to explain some common but big mistakes done by entrepreneurs.

Finance Not Enough

Investment in a startup can never be predicted. There would be times when the funds would seem to be just enough. But there also would be times when you would need money to fill up your stock, market it in a better way or just for some other reasons. Therefore, you must keep some savings or plan accordingly.

Being Overconfident

It’s essential to know about your competitors, their strengths, and weaknesses. This helps us to make a map of how to work. A healthy competition always helps the company to have zeal which works positively.

Hiring Based On Costs

Yes, there are times when the company might have a hard time. Finance would be a downfall. But cost cutting for hiring people for the company might not work for your right. The employed person on low salary might be inexperienced or not talented.

Not Making A Map

Each step taken by a company results not just in one’s future but for the future of the whole company. Because it’s their hard-work as well. Hence, it is best to strategize everything beforehand. The leaps and bounds are bound to happen, but it helps predict them.

Being Fearful

The step you have chosen in your life needs a lot of courage. So being fearful in every phase will not help. You have to be courageous. Period.

NOT Knowing Your Target Audience

Before you know your product, you must know about your audience. It’s the needs which must be satiated because you can raise wants, but that won’t help you in a longer run.

NOT Having A Marketing Strategy

Along with the finance, even marketing needs to be mapped and schemed now and then. It’s difficult to predict and think of innovative marketing plans which are unique. We all know the competitive world, where the trailer and promotions are very important for the movie to be successful.

Share this article to tell everyone that one should learn from these entrepreneurs mistakes but never repeat them. Make a good impact on Indian Startup Ecosystem.

Entrepreneurs Mistakes - Deeksha Sethi

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