YourShell Founders
Team YourShell

Entrepreneurship as a career is not an unpopular option. Just while you are reading this, someone out there might be planning to quit their job and start a business. But how often do we think about entrepreneurship while still in college? And how often do we transform that thought into reality? Declining the confirmity of Campus Placements and B-School Admissions, a group of students from Ramjas College has decided to go full time with entrepreneurship.

Every year, thousands of students abandon their hometowns and enter new cities as they enroll themselves in higher studies. How is it fair for them to struggle with surging prices and ebbing quality of rental homes on campus? While working as a PG aggregating platform in 2016, this bunch discovered the latent potential of this market and resolved to revolutionize it.

The team consists of Sunny Garg, Vishesh Khunger, Shaifali Jain, Gaurav Verma & Vartika Sharma and their venture is known as YourShell. The company provides easy to book, better serviced and affordable rental homes to students within the campus and thrives on building a co-operative and robust support system for handling student grievances.

Yourshell Hostels
Apart from providing fully furnished air-conditioned rooms, standardized meals, personalized caretaking and dedicated housekeeping, YourShell properties offer a whole new set of free services to their residents which include library, gaming zone, gym, prepaid electric meters, smart card entry system, online payment portal, career counseling sessions, internship guidance and rent credit facility.

YourShell Hostel Facilities

Their offerings confirm that the founders, despite lacking the experience and goodwill essential for entering a complex real estate market, have determined all their efforts to innovate the primitive student accommodation sector.

Having celebrated its one year anniversary, the company is close to concluding its first season of operation and is planning to expand its current capacity of 165 beds to over 350 beds in North Campus, University of Delhi. The founders plan to enter various other parts of Delhi by the end of 2018 and go pan India in a couple of years.

YourShell Founders

Team YourShell

Maybe they are dreaming too big at the age of 20 but they definitely are backing their dreams with hard work and passion. What is your passion? Are you willing to start working on it NOW?

YourShell Founders
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