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Chingari App – The rival app of Tiktok and Viral Indian Short-video creating platform is getting immense popularity among Indians and currently has crossed 25 Lakhs download on Google Play store. Created by Bengaluru-based coderBiswatma Nayak, Chingari has become one of the best entertainment app made in India that makes Tiktok loses its spark in India. To understand more about the success story of Chingari app along with the vision, struggles & hurdles behind it, we did an exclusive interview with one of the founders of Chingari App, i.e. Biswatma Nayak for you. Do give it a read!

Some key points:

  • 2.5M+ downloads already, every news media platforms talking about it.
  • Mahindra group chairman & industrialist Anand Mahindra also praised this app.
  • Approx 10,000 users per min in the app.
  • 3 million videos swiped/watched per hour.
  • 26 million videos watched in last 24 hours.
  • 90,000 new users joining the app per hour.
  • Spreading worldwide, 1,00,000 downloads per hour.

And many more, this app will break it’s own records soon!

1) Brief a little about the organization and founding members of Chingari App.

Chingari was founded in Bengaluru in 2018. The trending Indian TikTok rivals have two founding members.

First one is Biswatma Nayak- Co-Founder and CEO of Chingari App and a tech-geek. Having 8 years of experience in Android, Biswatma has built 10-15 social media automation tools, dating apps and scaled them for 1M users.

He has been building Chingari app silently since the last two years with the help of massive insights that he collected launching his past social automation products.

Chingari app co-founders – Biswatma Nayak and Sumit Ghosh

Chingari founders: Biswatma Nayak (L) and Sumit Ghosh (R)

The other key person is Sumit Ghosh- Co-Founder/ Chief of Product & Growth of Chingari App. Sumit started his entrepreneurial career with IT services company Globussoft and scaled it to 60 Cr annual revenues.

His second venture Socioboard was into building automation products in the digital marketing space. He is a master of user acquisition, product and growth. Also, Sumit is leading the Chingari team to be the next big localized mobile entertainment platform in India.

Chingari app playstore download

Image credits: Sumit Jayswal

2) How and when did founders come up with the idea of Chingari? Why is it named Chingari?

“A single spark is needed to start a fire” it’s a revolutionary truth, and it always inspires me to keep testing new things.- Biswatma Nayak

From the starting days’ of college, Biswatma was interested in coding. In the first year of his professional career, he built his first social app product. All this while, he learned about TikTok, and his ignition to create a similar yet better one app started in mind. It took him almost 2 years to create something that became a TikTok rival.

Chingari popular new users

After TikTok banned in India, Chingari got 2.5 million new users in last 24 hours!

It is a proud feeling that they have released the app around the time when the government is focusing more on “Make In India” products. Come to the name of the app – what could be a better one rather than Chingari, it’s a spark to support India’s #boycottchineseapps and #boycottchineseproducts campaigns.

3) What are the Challenges and Opportunities faced by the founders of Chingari App?

“I was a troublemaker in my childhood, but by the age of 19, I had also taught myself to solve challenges by reading codes online, exploring 3rd party APIs and more.”- Biswatma Nayak

The major challenges they’re handling until the date are:

  • Managing the content quality (Remove inappropriate content, Control comment and more)
  • Handing the high traffic volume (Due to over six lacs DAUs {Daily Active Users})
  • Personalized feature request from users.

4) What makes Chingari App different from other providers like TikTok and Mitron? Why is the audience going crazy after this?

The team of Chingari app has been building this product from the last two years.

Chingari App statistics

Initial snapshot of Daily Active Users in Chingari Application

Some major differences between Chingari App and Mitron App:

  • Apart from short video creating and sharing, the app has news and games module also, which Mitron app doesn’t have.
  • Mitron has only a basic camera button to create content, but Chingari App has features like duet video, slow-mo, fast forward, cinematic filters etc.

5) As it is seen in the past, people copy big trending apps to gain installs to earn quick money or popularity. Does this happen to Chingari as well? Would you like to give any message to those who do such things?

Exclusive Interview of Biswatma Nayak About Chingari App Success Story 3 – Chingari app

Chingari app getting popularity in some other countries as well.

“After our app got viral, we noticed two more apps copied our title and published on Playstore. We have filed a copyright infringement on Google, I hope google will take action soon.”- Biswatma Nayak

6) If you would not be a coder, then what do you think you would be?

“If not a Coder, Probably I would have become a blogger/affiliate marketer.” – Biswatma Nayak

7) Any message for chingari fans and/or aspiring coders?

First of all, I would like to thank all of our 2.5M active users who are enjoying our app. In the next few weeks, we are rolling out some exciting features for creators where they can earn for creating content on our app.

My message for coders/developers to start building some products for our India and stop depending upon other countries.

Wrapping It Up!

So, this was all about the success story of Chingari App- Indian alternative of Tiktok App, and the struggles faced by the Founder Biswatma Nayak and his team. This exclusive interview with the founder of Chingari mobile application was to inspire all our readers and give them a message that everyone must follow their passion.

Biswatma followed his passion for coding and took the right step at the right moment, which is the major reason behind the success of Chingari App.

Chingari app download by Anand Mahindra

Industrialist Anand Mahindra appreciated the new viral sensation in country – Chingari application.

But, only passion won’t lead you anywhere. Along with passion, you must have research about your competitor and your target audience just like Biswatma Nayak did. It is necessary to understand what flaws you competitors have and how you can come up with the solution. Only then, you will be able to succeed in your mission. Stay positive and keep chasing your dreams!

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