Navgatha Founder Neha Saini Ankit Saini

Navgatha is a social enterprise which is helping artists dealing in handicrafts to live a better life and reach a significant position in the society.

Our work is to create something innovative from their existing skills, adding city flavor to their art.

Navgatha Diaries Founder Ankit Saini

Our mission is to serve as a social innovator who is helping to transform their abilities into innovation, Upgrade them with technology and opportunity. Educate them with required training, which helps them in becoming independent soul financially, psychology and socially and building an entrepreneur out of them.

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Neha Saini (26), the founder of Navgatha tells us ”The journey started three year back when my uncle’s daughter lost her husband due to heart attack and her in-laws showed her exit saying we lost our son and so don’t be a liability to our family. She left that home with her one-month old baby. Now she is staying with her sister, reframing her life in a new way. This incidence left me with many questions unanswered. Why a woman is always the victim, and I started discovering myself and decided to work on my dream.

I was very clear that I am not born to be just a wife or a mother; I am born to be a reason for infinite smiles.

The seed which I sowed three years back germinated as Navgatha which says navigating skills.”

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Navgatha Products Founder Ankit Saini

Ankit Saini (20) the co-founder of Navgatha who looks after the operations says: Navgatha creates superior luxury handicraft products creating a niche market segment amongst its competitors. The designs and prints are given a great thought before adding to the product range to ensure the best experience of Indian handicrafts.”

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Contact : 9958437742 | 7042652280

Navgatha Founder Neha Saini Ankit Saini
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